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Anyone been successfully in petitioning for ivf

Simply I don't qualify for ivf and was wondering if anyone has had success by writing and petitioning .my partner has a son from a previous relationship his twelve .However he does not live with us and is certainly not my child .I am infertile for reasons unknown ..ivf recommended but it's a huge expense I just can't afford anyone any hints tips or stories

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Hi I did try twice to write to the ivf board but I got the same letter back. My husband has a child that he doesn't see from when he was 17 and they moved away. We pay for this child but his name isn't on the birth cirtificate. I cannot have children as I've had both Fallopian tubes removed due to endometriosis. I too had the stress of not being able to afford it so I'm doing an egg share sceme. I give half my eggs away and get the ivf for free. I'm only paying for consultations, some tests and drug package. Big decision I know but worth thinking about as it saves about 4500. I try to not think about the share part and I'm getting through it ok. All the best with yr fight x



There is lots of information about funding and how to appeal on the Infertility Network UK website - see here infertilitynetworkuk.com/ni...

If you scroll down to the bottom of that page, there are some draft letters to send to your CCG.

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I am looking to start a petition so any advice would be useful.

I am in an similar situation but I have a diagnosed infertility.


They cannot find anything wrong with either of us which is very frustrating but in some ways fortunate I am having my egg reserves tested next week and am hopeful all is ok .


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