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Hi everyone, just found out today I am having my Laparoscopy to have my hydrosalpinx fallopian tube removed near the end of April, early May


then I can eventually have my frozen embryos transferred shortly afterwards, I have a feeling I am going to feel so much more confident once I have had this tube removed, so it wont harm our embryos.

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Hi Danielle

I often read what you've written but don't make comment. Just wanted to say I hope that all goes well for you and that you get your miracle baby soon x

Ah thanks, :) x

Good luck. Xx

Hi ya Danielle,

Sorry for my complete ignorance but i read a few posts from you last year, saying you had a failed IVF and was waiting another, did they find out through your first IVF that something was wrong?

Sorry if I sound really thick... :-(

Hi MrsMarsh, the clinic new I had a blocked fallopian tube but I wrote them a letter telling them I was concerned about it being a hydrosalpinx so they did a scan and I was right there is a hydrosalpinx in my tube so I asked to get the tube removed before I commence anymore treatments and they agreed. You don't sound thick don't worry. x

I'm so pleased to hear you have your surgery booked. Your embryos will be much happier in there and will hopefully snuggle down and bed in. Xx

Hello there, did you have to wait long for your laparoscopy appointment?

Hi Milly271286 I got referred by my clinic 3 weeks ago and I have just received the pre assessment appointment on Saturday to go to hospital on the 26th to talk about the Anaesthetic I will be having during my operation.

Ow that's quite quick, I had a hsg last year and then pelvic ultrasound about a year ago was told I have hydrosalpinx in both tubes and my first appointment with the fertility is this Thursday so I'm very excited which sounds weird but when your having all these tests they may tell you it's both sides but they don't tell you any options or how bad etc,just want to know now my options etc ,seen your comment and thought I'd ask so glad to hear it wasn't like a year as I'm fed up of all the referring and waiting,I've knew for a year and nobody's still explained anythink, so pleased your on your road to getting everything sorted and then you will be on the ivf road? , good luck and keep us updated x

Hi Milly271286 I have had one failed IVF but unfortunately it did not work and that was with a very good quality embryo I had transferred at day 5 so I wrote a letter to the clinic and told them I was concerned about my fallopian tube and they checked it by an ultrasound scan and I do have a left hydrosalpinx, I had my other tube removed 9 years ago due to a eptopic pregnancy so I knew that this tube I had had a hydrosalpinx and did not say anything to the clinic until after my first IVF failed. I asked them if I could have the tube removed and they agreed. I think the IVF may not of worked possibly because of my hydrosalpinx. It is very difficuilt waiting and waiting around for tests and things but im lucky to have nipped this in the bud about my tube before I go any further in my treatments. We have 7 frozen Blastocysts waiting for us once ive had my remaining tube removed.x

Oh I see, well with your tube removed it should give results , good luck and hope you a speedy recovery and result, thanks for sharing and keep us updated ,:) x

Thanks Milly271286 x

Had my appointment today she said I will need ivf definitely and she's booked me in for a lap for next month as one looks really bad and the other is damaged but not as much so she will decide on day what is best and do what needs to be done then, she's give me the prices and told me what ivf involves and how much it will cost ,so the balls rolling at last :)

Hi Milly271286 sounds like you could be having your Lap around the same time as me. Im at my pre assessment on Wed about my Lap so im hoping they will give me a date for the surgery. Are you paying for your Laparoscopy and your IVF. X

My pre assessment is Tuesday so will be around same time, my surgeon said I should get a date then so hopefully I do, I don't pay for the laparoscopy but I'm not entitled to ivf on the nhs as my partner had a child in his previous relationship so I've got all the prices here I pay for everything but the laparoscopy so all the blood tests any medications ,seems a fair price to be honest my aunts has just started ivf somewhere else an she seems to be paying a lot more than this,unless after all my little bits go on to amount the same in the end ,ready to start as soon as I can after the lap really, how about you do you have to pay x

Hi Milly271286 No I am going through NHS. Let me know how your pre assessment goes on Tuesday, I go the day after you so then we can talk about it. x

Hello went today was fine just blood test,weight,height ,urine sample,blood pressure etc, talk you through what to expect and tell you to bring overnight stuff in case, loads of leaflets about the procedure,all seems fine ,haven't given me the date was told when my blood tests are back they will call me with a date should be this week she said the blood tests only take a day or two xx

Ah that sounds ok, I will be having all that done tomorrow, my appointment is 1.30. I bet we have our Lap the same time or near enough lol. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow. xx

Yh I think it will be round same time,let me know how you get on and hope you get your date xx

I hope so but I think it might be the same as you, they will probs ring me or send a letter for admission agter blood test results, and im sure our blood and urine tests will be fine, did you have to take your own urine sample in cause the letter said I had to use a clean container and take it with me but I don't have nothing like that. Did they give you one at the hospital.x

No I did urine sample there,maybe if your doctors is near you could get a bottle,my letter didn't say that I just did one there, I'm sure everything will be fine and we will both get our dates soon xxxxx

How long after your lap are you starting ivf is it like a few months or like a year,just wondering how long your body needs to heal x

Hi Milly271286 I had my pre assessment, everything is fine. Apparently I have to be there for 7:30 in the morning for my op. I did not get a date yet, she said I am still on the waiting list on the computer, I might also be having a hysteroscopy to have a look inside my womb to. The nurse said I will get a letter in the post with my date for the operation. xxx

Oh good ,I had a missed call from the hospital quickly rang back and it was a recorded message ,I was excited thinking it was my date and the date seemed faster than I expected for 4th of March but then it said it was my dreaded colposcopy checkup :( lol. I have to be at hosp for 7.30 when I do get my date too, did you request to have the hysteroscopy and why do they want to check your womb xx

Hi Milly271286. I bet you were exited lol, it is a shame it was for another reason. I have to be at the hospital for 7:30 too for my op. Yes I have requested a Hysteroscopy because I am paranoid I may have a fibroid as I was diagnosed with a bulky uterus in 2004 so I just wanted to ask if they would check for me as fibroids can cause miscarriages:(. I was told I would get a letter with a date and if they are happy to do a Hysteroscopy at the same time I may have to wait a little longer for a date because I will need a bigger slot if they are doing 2 procedures at the same time as it takes more time.xx

Oh we'll that's really sensible to get them both done at once makes a lot of sense an will be worth the wait to get everything ready for your embryos transferred and for nothing to go wrong :) xx

I know. I just want my embryos in a happy place with least as possible disruption going on. xx

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