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Icsi Scotland

Hi everyone, My partner and I have been told that due to his extremely low sperm count that Icsi is our only option. We are being referred to nine wells via the nhs but due to waiting list are now considering going private!! We live in the central belt so I have been looking into the GCRM as it seems to have the best success rate. I am however confused by its price list and total cost will be a factor in our final decision. When they quote the price for Icsi does this include everything or will we need to also add the costs for consultations,

drugs and other procedures?any info or advice greatly appreciated as it is all very daunting when new!!x

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Hi there,

The initial consultation, initial tests and drugs are on top of the price but all the appts during the treatment are included. If u phone they will go through it all with you. Good luck!


Hi there.thanks for responding so quickly and for providing useful info.xx


Hi Cheeks 122, it is all very daunting, I have contacted GCRM to ask them and am just waiting on a reply. Infertility Network Scotland are holding a patient information day on Saturday 5th April in the McDonald Hotel, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. There will be expert speakers, exhibitors, question and answer sessions and tea/coffee/lunch buffet throughout the day. Most if not all of the private clinics will be exhibiting along with a host of other exhibitors, GCRM are speaking and exhibiting at the event. You can have a look at the programme and book if you wish at infertilitynetworkuk.com and click on the Scottish Information Day link, places are limited for the event.

I will get back to you again as soon as I hear from GCRM. x


Hi Cheeks 122 the following is the response I have received from GCRM

The price for ICSI does not include consultation or the drugs. What they pay will depend on their specific history but a standard journey and the prices are:

Fertility Assessment: £250

Initial Consultation: £170

Compulsory Blood tests: £170 (per person) these results can be brought to us from other places but if patient requires us to complete the tests the £170 is applicable.

ICSI: £4030 (includes HFEA fee, blastocyst culture, embryo freezing (including Vitrification) and first year storage where applicable)

Drugs: dependant on AMH result but between £650 - £1150.


Hi there.

Thankyou so much for not only a quick response but also all this useful information.It really answers a few of our questions and will help us reach our decision.I am ever so grateful.xx


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