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any help???

hi im 23 i was diagnosed with endometriosis when i was just 21 , im current going through nhs to help me try to concieve but they say my chance are very unlikely( the doctor was very blunt ) . the doctor also said the more they investigate the more problems with my endometriosis i will suffer has anyone else had this problem. just feels as if they are pushing me to one side. been trying for 2 1/2 years naturally .wanting a baby so bad breaking my heart .

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Hi lovelocket123,

did they tell you where the Endometriosis is? Are your tubes free?

It really depends where your Endo is. I have only mild-moderate Endo but it was on my uterus, ovaries, tubes and bladder. They removed all the Endo but the fimbrial ends on my tubes were blocked or well they apparently still are. I am now visiting a Traditional Chinese Clinic that has fantastic results in treating women with Endo and Blocked tubes or shall I say with all sorts of fertility problems and I have great hope that they might be able to help me.

He said that my uterus wouldn't have been able to have a baby even with IVF. The Drs put me on the IVF waiting list and until then I will try it with TCM and dietary changes :-)

You might want to try that and if that doesn't work then there is always IVF!

My partner and I also desperately want a baby for the past 1,5-2 years.

I wish you good luck!! xx


Hi I've got endometriosis too. I had an eptopic pregnancy because my tubes were blocked from the endo so had to have my tube out. It was then that I was told I had endo. I'm 26 but I'm glad I found out at a young age as some are unfortunate not to know and they are too old for a better chance of ivf. I then had another op called lap&dye to check my other tube which was scarred from the endo too so they tried to repair it but it was unsuccessfull so they took that out too. I am currently left with no tubes but have a good chance my ivf may work. I have herd a lot of success stories for people with endo that have conceived naturally so keep trying. All the best x


hi no they didnt tell me wether my tubes were free etcc got to have a hsg xray now to find out if they are okay . yeh i have been trying for 2 years now still no luck:(


2+ sorry sill laptops lol x


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