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NHS fertility procedures/waiting times

I am undergoing tests for infertility for years. I have had ultra sound, blood tests, HSG and my partner has been tested. (He is fine, i have PCOS) The next step is to be put on clomid. I have an appointment with the consultant in 5 weeks to discuss results. Will the consultant put me on clomid at that appointment, I know you are not supposed to take clomid if pregnant. So will I have to abstain for a few weeks to make sure im def not pregnant and go back to get the prescription? Thus adding MORE time until I can start fertility treatment? Has anyone any experience of what happens? Thank you in advance :)

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Hi Flowertflowe. Well at least you are now on the way. Now that your tests have been completed, I would assume that your consultant will give you a prescription for Clomid at your next appointment, to commence on the 2nd day of your following period. Unless you have been told otherwise, then there is no need to abstain from sex. You would just need to do a pregnancy test at home before starting any drug treatment. Hope that helps. Kind regards Diane


Hiya Diane. I unfortunately don't have periods (very irregular atleast) my last period was April/May. Will this affect the prescribing and starting of clomid? Or will a pregnancy test suffice? Thank you for replying :)


Hi Flowerflowe. Obviously, that could pose a problem if you are to wait for another period. However, what they might do is to give you a prescription for a drug to induce a period, so that you can then take the Clomid on the 2nd day as normal. It could follow that your periods may become more regular again, but not necessarily, so don’t be surprised if you need to have further doses of the induction drug. The drug often used is called norethisterone and can take a few days to “kick in”. You will get sorted with your Clomid, so try not to worry too much. Kind regards Diane


I think I've had tables to enduce period when I've had bloods for my 21 day test thing lol

Thanks so much for the reply :-)


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