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Is there a link between FSH and egg quality?

I am 37 and have been ttc for 18mths. My FSH was 10 in Feb and is 13 now. We are confused as to whether there is a relationship between FSH levels and egg quality. The doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist) said quality was linked to maternal age but at a separate time he said my system was aging faster. So is egg quality linked to my years or my FSH?

(We're unsure whether to try IVF with these levels. If you have similar experience please share.) NB. We are abroad- there are only private clinics available.

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Hi MissingEngland

The FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level is often used as a gauge of ovarian reserve. It works by producing follicles on your ovaries. In general under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 is fair and 10-13 it would prove harder to stimulate your ovaries during an IVF cycle. Your reading of 13 is obviously showing a decline in your egg production. Quite often, when the FHS starts to rise, it can go up and down for a few months. Your endocrinologist will keep an eye on your levels, so that should it come down a little, he/she might encourage you to try a cycle of IVF at that time to maximise your chances. Many clinics will offer you treatment with an FSH level of 13. Another test that might be offered you is an antral follicle count, just to check how many follicles you are producing, which would be another indication of your fertility. Hope this helps. Kind regards Diane


Thanks Diane. It has now risen to 15.5 but I am still being offered IVF. My husband and I are unsure whether it would actually improve our odds given that my ovaries may not be able respond to the stimulation. Do you know anything on this?


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