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Really struggling to cope with this today

Did a pregnancy test this morning, even though my period pain and PMT told me I didn't need to see that one single little red line to know that my slight chance of conceiving has once again not happened. Having bought a new brand of test, I thought I knew it all and did the test without reading the instructions. I watched as the test area and control areas both went pink, and allowed myself a millisecond of 'OMG just maybe' before I saw the test line fade to nothing then read the instructions which clearly say to ignore the red cloud passing over the test area. I am utterly distraught and I am not sure how much more of this battle I can take.

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I'm so sorry to read about your experience, I was actually with you and and thought that it might be a positive. I have done the same and at one-point convinced myself I could see a second line but no. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. Just know that you are not alone and hold on to your hope. Allow yourself to scream, cry, shout. I talk about various coping strategies on my blog mindfulmumatobe.co.uk. keep strong xxxxxxxxx


Honey, feeling for you. If a friend told you she had done this, what would you say to her? Be a friend to yourself. If you've got period pain and PMT, would you recommend taking a test to her, or would you say to hold on, look after yourself and if that does go away, without a period, then do a test?

This is a painful time, and you need to not do things that beat yourself up, as in the long-term, that won't help you as it will increase you upset, and put pressure on yourself and your other half which is the last thing you need.

Good luck

FG x


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