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Cervix blocked found while implant embryos

HI everyone,

I am so upset these days cause of my isci. I started my isci last month everything was going very well but last minute when doctors trying implant embryos they couldn't reach on my uterus they told me it's some resistance your cervix is blockage and uterus is backward I was so upset why you told me last minute you should checked before starting icsi.is anyone know about blockage?


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The medical team should have checked your insides (I had a catheter test) to make sure transfer would not be problematic prior to your treatment.


so sorry that this happened. it sounds an awful situation. did they manage to freeze the embryos?

my womb is also retroverted (bends backwards), it's fairly common, but does make the transfer a little bit harder. Don't know about the blockage, they should be able to tell you more about it, as it will need to be dealt with before they can transfer


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