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over the past few weeks I have being on some sort of roller coaster ,I go for my first rounds of bloods 21 day of cycle ,everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant all am thinking now 1 minute am up and positive the next am crashing down with despair :( just wondering if the thoughts of getting pregnant ever go away its the not knowing ,then the knowing its so scary right now .any tips anyone else going though the same feelings ?

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Hi Georgiewakey. So sorry to hear that you are feeling pretty miserable at the moment, but remember you’ve now got the “ball rolling” with your investigations under way. It is important to tell yourself that the feelings you are experiencing are quite normal, Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and if you need to drink alcohol, then just a couple of drinks a week (small ones). Stick to a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg and ensure you take your folic acid, either on its own or included in one of these pre-conception multi-vitamin tablets such as “Pregnacare”.

It’s important that you choose how and with whom you spend your time at the moment in order to minimise any distress and to look after yourself. Also remember that most people experiencing infertility do so as a couple and often feel very isolated, so apart from each other, it might be good to confide in one of your best friends perhaps.

There are always going to be pregnant women and babies around, we can’t alter that, but remember that you do not have to go to naming ceremonies or parties for a newborn – even with a close relative. If invited, just send a card with perhaps a gift of money or a voucher, saying that you look forward to meeting “whoever” in the future. Have you thought about attending a support group? Unfortunately, there is not always one in your immediate area, but it can sometimes be beneficial to go to one outside your district in order to see how other hospitals/clinics treat their patients and how the patients themselves cope. Most only meet up once a month or two months, so if you feel you want to mix, it could be worth the journey. There’s always the opportunity of counselling too which might help. Meanwhile, I do wish you well with the outcome. Kind regards. Diane


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