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How many embryos did you transfer before you got your BFP?

Hello ladies,

I am just curious, how many embryos did you ladies transfer before you got your BFP? And then, how many before giving birth to a baby?

Thanks in advance,

A x

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Hi there!

I should say that the possibility of IVF not working ever was like a stab in my chest that wouldn't leave. That time around I was going at it with acupuncture, diet change, etc. I was blocking out the past failure and mc as much as possible. I had no words to help myself do that so unfortunately I had none understanding around me. However, I am here sharing my experience. All of us are always trying to have a normal daily life with these pressures breaking our backs..We've experienced both -single and double transfers. After failed IUI shots we turned to IVF immediately. Dr felt cool with using own eggs, so we passed rounds ICSI (Dh has low sperms count and motility) - all attempts resulted in bfn - Single transfers.

Switched the clinics. Our new dr told us own eggs were not going to work. So that we'd have to use donor eggs. We did 3 DE IVF shots, the last one successful. All rounds - double transfers. Our last successful round they placed back 2, 1 vanished, so we ended up with another one only. We're parenting a boy now.


Hi, we had one cycle of IUI that failed, started second cycle of IUI but had way too many follicles to continue so they transferred us to icsi ivf. Due to mid cycle transfer only had two mature eggs, both made it through fertilisation. However, only 1 looked strong at 3 days so had 3 day fresh transfer. The other was left to continue but sadly didn’t make it to 5 days. We got our bfp and our strong little 3 day embryo is now nearly 8 months old and I currently playing beside me. We call him our little miracle as we felt so lucky that we had him with such small odds. I really feel for all the ladies on here that have to go through so many cycles it’s exhausting and traumatic. They are so strong like warriors and I have so much admiration for each and every one of them 💕💕xx


Hi. Depending on a situation they will select between one and three of the best quality embryos and then transfer them to your womb. An embryo must successfully attach itself to the wall of the womb for pregnancy to begin. So they’ll tell you continue taking needed meds. The exact procedure for embryo transfer depends on the clinic you are in. If you are under the age of 40, one or two embryos can be replaced. If you are 40 or over, a maximum of three embryos can be used. (Unless you are using donated eggs, when the maximum is two because these eggs will be from donors who are not older than 35). We've been through DE IVF abroad. During our 1st ET they put back 1 A grade 5 day blast. Unfortunately we got bfn then. Our next successful round they transferred 2 blasts. Only one survived. I gave birth to my son then. Later we came back to the same clinic for a sibling :) Did another DE IVF round. Again they decided to transfer 2 blasts. Again, 1 only made his home inside!! I'm currently prego with our DE IVF baby#2. :) Hope my stats will contribute to your research. Good luck!


Hi all. I'm joining.

Firstly, my situation turned out to be somewhat different. I was born without womb. I knew from the very beginning when time comes I won't be able to conceive and give birth to a baby on my own..It was more heartbreaking news with every other year coming..Getting more mature and knowing you'll need $$$ in future to have a possibility to ever have a kid.. :( I know I'm not hinting the point, but this is inseparable part of my story. I suffered too much. All my relationships with boyfriends suffered. All they faded as soon as guys got to know I'm infertile..Time passed and I was lucky to meet my dh one day. He never left. Moreover, he said he'd go this path through with me.

We applied for surrogacy abroad. Through this means our DD saw this world and gave us new life. :) They transferred 2 blasts. only one survived. God heard our praying.

May all of you, ladies, get luck with your treatments.