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FET Tomorrow!

I am scheduled for a transfer tomorrow exited and nervous at the same time.

During my 2WW, i have decided to try 159 Vegetarian Meals Dietary plan. Basically the sachets contains 159 kinds of natural ingredients from the combination of food. Its high nutrition make up for protein, minerals, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids.

The natural materials contained in 159 Vegetarian meals is below:

Cereals: glutinous rice, barley, black rice, buckwheat rice, oats, millet, brown rice, sorghum rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, black beans, red beans, green beans, peas, beans , Lentils, concanavalin, kidney beans, Dutch beans, soybeans, dragon beans, ridge boat beans, cow-pea.

Nuts: pecans, hazelnut, pine nuts, happy nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, ginkgo nuts.

Seeds: watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, cucumber seeds, basil seeds, lettuce seeds, cherry seeds, melon seeds, bitter gourd seeds, melon seeds, bergamot seeds, gold loofah seeds, loofah seeds, Zucchini seeds, cucumber seeds, parsley seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, Pilan seeds, amaranth, bitter seeds, pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds, spinach seeds, Carrots seeds, toon seeds, kale seeds, chrysanthemum seeds, rapeseed, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, seabuckthorn, cassia seed, radish seed, jujube kernel, hemp seed, pine pollen.

Fungi: hazel mushroom, Hericium, black fungus, red mushrooms, matsutake, Poria, Tremella, Morchella, mushrooms, red mushrooms, mushrooms, great spirulina, kelp, seaweed.

Flowers: red lilies, lilac flowers, chrysanthemum, Huaihua, generation of flowers, white beans, honeysuckle, Danfeng peony flowers, tea flowers , wolf-berry, red dates, green peppers, etc.

Its used mostly to loose weight but recommended for pregnant women too. So this will be part of my daily meals.

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Best of luck 🤞🤞 for u. Diet sounds good. XX


Fingers crossed for your 2ww!

Before ET an embryologist will examine the embryos and select the healthiest. The fertility doctor will help determine how many embryos will be transferred into the uterus. This subject is of much debate though. Of course, the more embryos that are transferred, the better the chance of pregnancy. But that also means the higher the chance of a multiples pregnancy - twins, triplets, quadruplets. which can lead to a number of complications, including premature delivery and low birth weight. During the transfer process, a catheter-like tube holding the predetermined number of embryos will be passed through the cervix to distribute the embryos into the uterus. An anesthesia is not often needed. High progesterone levels are important on the day of an embryo transfer as they increase implantation rates. the supplements will likely continue until the pregnancy is confirmed and the body is producing enough progesterone on its own. It’s important to sustaining pregnancies as well.

Hope you're feeling well. Looking forward to updates. Xx