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Tips for uterine strength?


After having my chemical pregnancy I’m starting to worry that ‘what if there is something wrong with my uterine health?!’ I will be starting IVF again in January so thought in the mean time I would do extra things to possibly help. I’ve read up about certain herbs etc, have any of you ladies bought or made fertility teas? Or added anything to your diet?

Then here comes my rational brain ‘surely with all the examinations and tests I have been through (showing nothing ‘wrong’ with me so far) they would be able to tell if my uterus wasn’t healthy enough?

This whole journey has completely over consumed me! I’m sure like the rest of you, you think about it Day in and day out!

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I was like you after my chemical pregnancy ; I wanted answers. But no one had any!

My fertility doctor just said we were “just really unlucky “ & “that just because it happened this time didn’t mean it would next time “

I did have additional surgeries following the loss but this was to treat my endometriosis which became worse after the loss.

We really trusted our fertility doctor opinion & knew if there was something he could do then he would’ve done so. He did offer us miscarriage testing if we were to suffer another loss & not make us wait for 3 losses.

Chemical pregnancies are sadly pretty common & the most likely time you will miscarry is between 3-4 weeks - it 1-4 women which is surprisingly high odds. 😢Most women ( unless ttc) will not even know that they were pregnant & just think their period was a few days late. 😢 most are due to chromosome issue & aren’t right 😢 nothing you could’ve done & definitely not your fault.

As you know I’m 7 & half weeks pregnant 🤞🏻 going well

. So definitely don’t think that just because you lost that pregnancy means you will another one.

Anything you are considering doing consult with your fertility specialist to make sure it’s okay.

Wishing you the best xoxo

silverlini in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jess! I’m so glad things are progressing well for you 😘 have you had a scan yet?

I’m just losing my mind here thinking if there is anything I could have done or can do differently. I need something to focus on and occupy my mind.

So tough, I’m hating this. Seeing consultant at the end of the month so hopefully will have some reassurance xx

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