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Do faint positives mean chemical?

Hi all,

I should be a pro in this by now but I would still welcome any advice or stories. Over the last 3 years i’ve had 7 chemicals and early miscarriages/blighted ovum’s.

I’m currently under the care of Coventry and have had the NK cells tests (waiting for the second results as we speak) and so hadn’t been trying since my last erpc in June.

This month was our first month trying and i’ve now had my positive test. I had my first positive at 11dpo and am currently 15dpo. Whilst i’m still getting positives (and a positive digital), they are very faint and not much progression. I hate to think it but my heart is telling me this isn’t right and it’s going to end in loss. Does anyone have any positive stories? Or advice on how to stay sane?!

Thank you x

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I always got very faint positives when I was pregnant -- but also had low hormones and needed support to keep the pregnancies. I would call doc and see if they will do a blood test to confirm and see what you need. Faint this early is probably fairly normal I would think. I'm hoping and praying it is for you!!! Let us know!


Thank you so much for replying. Unfortunately my gp and epu don’t do blood tests. But I’ve done another clearblue digital this morning and it still says 1-2 weeks so I know this one is failing. It’s happened too many times to ignore the signs :(

This will be my last attempt now as after 3 years and now 8 miscarriages, enough is enough 💔

Wishing everyone else all the best on their ttc journey! X


Oh Puds...I am praying that doesn't happen again this time...don't give up hope! Please keep me posted. Hugs.


Thank you so much for your well wishes. Sadly my test was negative today so i’m Just waiting to bleed now :( x


I'm so very sorry.....


I totally agree with PP... if it's early pregnancy faint lines are normal. Also, you can't detect the real HCG level through HPTs. The HCG range at every stage has such a long span that even if you're s in the lower end she might probably sail through while the HPTs keep showing faint BFPs till later stage. But then as the OP says she has had several chemicals the problem might be more than just hormone levels. I know someone who've had a similar problem with frequent chemicals. And it was later detected to be a chromosomal anomaly when they moved in for IVF. It was the PGS that detected the anomaly. I definitely don't intend to ask you to jump to IVF but just saying the cause may be deep rooted. For now, if you've just been on natural TTC I think it's time to consider moving to advanced aid though. Everyone takes some time to decide and I'm sure you'll find your way around. Good Luck!