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Hello everyone. I’m a member over on the fertility network forum. And it looks like you’re being targeted by spammers here as well. They usually start with “hello dear” then go on to talk about family, and clinics, ivf and surrogacy in Europe. Just a heads up to ignore these shameless idiots, and to report them as spam. These forums are a place for support. Not fake accounts.

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Yes Kathryn!! You're so right, unfortunately it's an ongoing saga from the clinics in Ukraine! Most of us that have been around here for far too long can see through it but the newbies won't see it so much as we're such a caring community! Thanks for pointing it out, awareness is good!!xx

Oh! I did spot some of the fake posts and not just here in other forums as well. Just Ukraine, I think not... the lady who posted this thread is right from multiple places in europe. Like some lady posted she is going for twin transfer from donor eggs and one of them just pops in and try to say surrogacy in Czech clinic helped her. I reported that and probably others too... because when I jumped in to say a good luck to the OP it wasn't there.

The latest one is about widows and sick children . It’s so wrong how they choose to use vulnerable people as targets

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