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Our Journey so far


Hi All,

New here and just thought I'd make a first post and give a brief run down of our journey.

My partner is a T-6 Paraplegic and as such has no sperm. I knew this from very early on when we got together so it was never an issue.

We had our first IVF app about 6 weeks ago, the dr ran through our options and sent us on our way for me to have a lot of tests. Mainly full bloods, AMH and a Hycosy. We also had to have our first counselling app which if you ask me it was a waste of time.

All the results came back great except my AMH, it's really low. The IVF dr said due to my age (27) she's not worried. I still walked out of that appointment very disheartened but she still thinks we can go ahead with our original plan to try IUI first.

Where my partner and I are now in the IVF journey is in limbo, on the donor waitlist. The current waitlist is 6months. We are told to book our last counselling app late September and hopefully by then we will get access to the donor list. It seems like such a long way away but once we reach the top of that list and I get my period it will be all systems go!

Any tips on what I or we should do during this wait period?

If you're still reading, thank you :). I wish you all the best of luck on your own individual journeys to conceive.

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Hello AJ. Welcome!

These forums are full of really helpful ladies. I tend to find this one quite quiet but if you come over to fertility network UK and post there too there are sooooo many women in your position.

I couldn’t pass by and not comment. I was told donor egg ivf was our best route in Oct 2015. I was determined to try with my own eggs first - you’ll never know if you don’t, right? And we’re currently on our second round of donor egg ivf.

6 months will pass. Especially if you’re doing IUI in meantime. There’s a book called ‘having your baby through donor egg ivf’ I found it immensely helpful working up to the first round. I can definitely recommend that. There’s a Donor Conception Network too. While I didn’t get much out of it, some of the literature they send you is good. But the real support I found was on the forum I mentioned earlier. Good luck with your journey! x

Ajplus1 in reply to emu2016

Thank you so much for the information. We will be using donor sperm but I'll still check it out. Best of luck to you on your journey as well x

emu2016 in reply to Ajplus1

Silly me! It’s the same difference to be fair... it’s a big leap and you are both very brave! The conception network has some much reading material you could look at too xx

Ajplus1 in reply to emu2016

I'll have a look. Thank you

Hey, I hope you are doing well. Let's hope everything goes according to the plan. Although 6 months will cross by without you knowing there are few things you can do in the meantime. Change your lifestyle. People don't realize how important this step is for them. By changing your health style I mean change the way you eat. Start eating more healthily! Make sure your diet consists of all the important nutrients that will benefit your body. A lot of women also say that yoga is really beneficial for IVF. It will help you in realizing the stress that you are going through. Apart from that stay hydrated. Once the procedure starts consult your doctor regarding acupuncture. In order to improve the results, women do undergo it. I hope things go well. Best of luck!

Ajplus1 in reply to angellllll

Thank you :) I am already making steps to change my eating habits

hello there! I hope you are doing great. it was so good at reading your story. IVF is an amazing process. for couples struggling with infertility, it's really helpful for them. it is a little painful, but worth it. I went for IVF after a miscarriage and it worked for me. and I am really happy that I went for it.

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