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Feeling a bit queasy 😩😩

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Hi lovely ladies,

As you all know I've had a positive pregnancy test , which I'm thrilled about , official test day is Friday but all have been positive so I'm taking it in pregnant . ( 17 days past egg collection will be Friday)

Anyway, I had a v long first day back at work yesterday lots of complaints to deal with ect ) my belly felt really uncomfortable but I think that because for the past week or so I've basically been laying on the sofa flat lol.

Anyway, by the time I got home it was 7 pm, I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm, I didn't fancy any dinner. My boobs felt like someone's cutting them .

This morning I can't beleve I've just woke up at 9am and had intentions of going into wrk early ( I don't start till 1 ) but have so much to do.

I feel a bit sick this morning it's probably cos I'm maybe hungry but I have actually gone off my food . ( which is not like me )

Anyone else felt sick or anything at 2- 3 weeks pregnant??

I know it's really important to eat properly so I'll force something down but really feel like tagging ☹️.

Hope your all ok xxx

2 Replies

I doubt it's pregnancy symptoms this early. Waking on an empty stomach is not going to be good, so probably it's that you didn't eat anything for hours. If you're finding eating difficult, just have a little and often.

You'll know all about it when you do get morning sickness, it's not pleasant! I would get sick just by drinking water. It probably won't kick in until 8 weeks or so. It eases up again in the 2nd trimester but can come back in the 3rd.


That's very early to feel symptoms.... Perhaps maybe with all the excitement and everything going on you are just out of sorts. Then again I could be wrongs but many of us didn't feel a thing until ways past 6,7 weeks even longer mine were off and on around 10'weeks


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