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Should you tell your employer you're having fertility treatment?

My husband and I are starting ICSI at the moment and I'm getting a little anxious about juggling working full time with the treatment. Should I tell my employer what's happening?

I've been told the hormones are meant to make you feel unwell and I'm also worried about my work load as I want to keep my body as relaxed as possible. Would you tell your employer or take extra time off to rest? What are other people's experience with working and having the treatment?

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I told them on the first two attempts because I was having treatment on the NHS first and then at the same centre. On our third attempt I didn't tell them as I had treatment at a private hospital and all my scans were before work. I too had a high workload and worked extra hours. My third attempt was successful so I was pleased to be able to surprise everyone with my news. I booked annual leave for egg collection which fortunately I guessed at the right dates. If this is your first attempt you'll have less of an ideawhen that will be though. I'd advise you tell only those who really need to know at work and ask them to keep it to themselves. I hope you have a sympathetic boss. Good luck! X


Don't expect the hormones to make you feel unwell or make you stroppy. I wasn't affected by them. Tell yourself you won't be too.


I told mine as they have been great really supportive. I also felt fine all through mine so nobody would have known. Think it's only a choice you can make xxx



It's difficult because it's such a personal thing and it also depends on the nature of your work. I kept it to myself but I said that I was going in for a procedure and would have a few hospital appointments. Thankfully they didn't ask any more questions! I did find it one of the most stressful things to manage but I just put myself first in it all as it was too important not too!

Good luck with your treatment x

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Hey hon

Depends how they are

I haven't told mine

Legally they don't have the right to know

You could get signed off by your doctor

With regards to meds you need to take into account injection times and especially those which have to be kept in the fridge

I felt poorly the last few days before EC but both times had ohss so probably why

Go with your gut feeling

In glad mine don't know ;)

All the best xx

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Im self employed and an employer so ive taken 2 weeks holiday around egg collection as its my first time, everyone keeps asking where im going on hol lol as id normally be telling eveyone all the details. My husband wants to keep it more private than me, he works for a big company GSK he has told HR and he is actually entitled to take hospital days as compassionate leave so they wont even go on his record as sick days, which is great! As they are medical appointments they are confidental so knowone he works with needs to know, so depending on employer I would say yes its worth telling. I employ 8 staff and we are only a small company but I would definitely try and be as flexible as possible and just be more aware at work if your feeling unwell etc or lighter duties on 2 ww. :) xx

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