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Hepatologist trusts bloodwork over Fibroscan?

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I finally found a Hepatologist who did a fibroscan which showed F2 fibrosis, but bloodwork showed stage 0. I asked to be scanned again in a year with my diet change. Dr. Said she trusts bloodwork more and would check that again in a year.. I am baffled by this because I know a person can have cirrhosis and still have almost normal bloodwork. Do you think I need to search for a new Dr.? There are very few of them. Thanks.

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I am just one NASH member and new to advocating for what I want to know about my liver. I really know very little and was diagnosed years ago. Reading your post I would want your specialist to explain why bloodwork would trump a Fibroscan. Unless the comment was from your GP, and not not your hepatologist. If it was your GP’s comment I would dismiss it. My own GP

has been satisfied with bloodwork and a couple abdominal ultrasounds over the last four years. Go with your gut, I would keep asking questions until the answer makes sense. If you need to see another specialist then so be it.

I know I would pursue another opinion.

It’s too important and needs resolution.

Best Wishes,

Rob Goodban

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Thanks for your reply. It was a hepatologist who said that to me. I have an appointment in 6 months to see another one..the wait is that long!

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I would be looking for another doctor, if it was the hepatologist who would put blood work over a fibroscan. Yikes! You're lucky you found another one. They are few and far between around my neck of the woods.

Good Morning. My bloodwork was F2 but Fibroscan shows 0-1, Hepatologist went with scan over bloodwork due to the inconsistencies and causes of the variances in the bloodwork. Like you, I will be getting another scan in 6 months and checking LFT's regularly, w/possibly others imaging tests.

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Your Dr. Sounds on target, thanks for sharing.

Oh my gosh, the things I read tell me that a person should get the opinion of two different doctors. I personally found the hepatologist compassionate, but very willing to tell me that I do not have cirrhosis, when my test says I'm 0-2 on the scale. I call that scary enough. She told me to forget one GP's comment of stiffening, and forget the fact that he replied "Yes', when I asked did I have NASH then. Because she made the comment, "It would take thirty years", I think it's a casual attitude, because I'm 74. I went to a Gastroenterologist to find out if my right side pain was from my stomach. He only found a hiatal hernia. I'm thinking it's likely the pain is from my liver! I don't have much trust for the medical community at this point. Follow your gut!

Also, the Hepatologist ordered extensive bloodwork after the initial F2 result **the additional bloodwork related specifically to patients with liver disease (Over 2000 dollars worth/or 25-30 different blood tests) and stated that the cumulative bloodwork did not yield chronic liver disease--and sent me back to my GI and Hematologist for further investigation and study within the bloodwork. So I am now holding my doctors accountable to determine what is causing the elevated LFT'S through testing and imaging

Thank you, we are own best advocates for sure.

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Well, the first thing to understand is what blood tests she is relying on. If it is ALT that is a big red flag. If the AST/ALT ratio is lower than 1 it is fairly good evidence that you don't have current high risk. You can also consider the FIB-4 which can give good evidence a lack of disease but does poorly mid range. There is a new blood test recently approved by Medicare which you can use privately in most states



I had blood work that showed F0. I had a fibroscan because of elevated LFT’s. The fibroscan showed Cirrhosis. I was completed shocked! I had a liver biopsy to confirm diagnosis and it definitely showed Cirrhosis. I am currently in a clinical trial. Stay on top of your situation. I was having no symptoms and still had Cirrhosis. Take care.

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Thank you, yout situation is exactly what I'll worried about.

Is this a specialist telling you she trust the blood work or a GP. My specialist said the blood work doesn't show much until it is to late. I know that to also be true on many people that have passed. Never knew they had the disease until it showed up in the Bloodwork and they were gone within the year. Time for a new Dr.

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It was a Hepatologist. I'm definitely getting a new dr,but it will take some time.

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