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Fatty liver with sever fibrosis

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I am new here and unfortunately I am only 27 years old recently I had a fibroscan done and I was diagnosed with enlarged fatty liver and severe fibrosis. MY doctor was extremely worried and kept saying how she didn't like how bad my result were yet she didn't even explain any options at this point. I've had pain constantly everyday anything I eat hurts my liver upper right abdominal pain as well as abdominal swelling weather its healthy or not. I feel extremely tired at times n weak. I've asked her what do I do if my pain gets severe or I notice a bigger change and she said nothing. I sometimes get cold sensation on my right side of my abdomen anyone experence any of the same symptoms? What did they tell you your options were.

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Same here I too get pain sensation around liver sometimes heaviness in around liver area..My fibroscan score was 7.4 kpa which is an indication of moderate fibrosis according to my hepa

I am taking ayurvedic meds by which getting some relief at least the heaviness is not still there

I sent you a message! ❤️

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Hi Lysh

It sounds like you are talking with a primary care doc. With your age and symptoms you need to be seen by a liver specialist. Try to find a hepatologist or a gastro doc who specializes in liver disease. You need to be evaluated for things like autoimmune hepatitis because you are so young. I was old when my liver acted up and I had to travel 300 miles to see a specialist but it was well worth it. Fibroscan results vary a lot depending on what causes the problem so it is important to see a professional.


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Hello Wayne,

Unfortunately I am seeing a gastroenterologist and this all what she has said. It feels like she might not taking nothing serious my kpa was 10.5 and the other number was 333. She said I have excessive scaring and that my liver stiffness was pretty excessive as well. Which I was told prior by someone else is once you have excessive scaring and stiffness there's no way for the liver to repair that damage. So she kept stating she didn't like my result n how bad they were but when I was trying to find answers she would tell me any options she just said we will monitor you every 6 months and I said what if something happens in between do I call to see you and she said no you need to wait till the 6 month appointment.

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One other perspective. You aren't a candidate for a transplant yet, but if you begin making the relationships with the hepatologists before you need it your better prepared to do that in the event that you do need it at some time in the future. Many people get told by their docs to wait and see. We believe that is really bad advice as patients but it is a decision that each of us must make as we try to work with the medical profession.

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Hi Lysh

Those are potentially serious readings so my advice is to find a hepatologist. It is positive that your doctor views it as serious but many gastro docs are poor guides for next steps. The advice to just come back every 6 months is minimal. Just as one example my first FibroScan was 21.5 but through diet and exercise it is now 9.6 but I didn't get useful help until I pressed to be referred to a hepatologist. Here is a link to information that we believe is useful for supporting liver disease



Lots of us have symptoms like you. Change your diet (cut salt and alcohol) and exercise. Short walks first then add steps when you feel like it . Good luck!

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I don't drink never have and no matter weather I eat healthy or walk none of the symptoms get better.

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My abdomen still swells after eating I still have pain n I still feel weak n tired n get dizzy spells as well.

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I’m sorry, I did not mean to imply that you did. That was just advice my doctor has given me. I see a Digestive Disease doctor and Hematologist, he specializes in blood disorders to the organs. They both have been very insightful.

Hi Lysh,

Welcome. Sorry for the pain and the symptoms I can definitely relate with the pain as when I had my pain, I could not even sleep.


As for your enquiry, focus on what you can control that is diet. Place less load on the liver and promotes healing . So definitely follow through with the link that Wayne provided and keep us posted.

In solidarity,


I’m taking two different water tablets to help with the swelling and extra fluid buildup. It helps with the swelling. One is called Furosemide and other is Spironolactone. I take them if my urine gets dark or my belly feels bloated. So far my ultrasounds are normal. Good luck! You pay the doctor, so get your monies worth.

As others have indicated diet and exercise helps. I have also found that a Sauna bath three to five times a week helps rid the body and liver of toxins. You may want to consider seeing a Rheumatologist and an Endicronologist. My biopsy reflected the primary cause of my advanced stage to be from Immune Deficiency Hepatitis. I was under toxic stress for several years caused by worry, concern, stress, consecutive days without sleep, and everything else that goes with being a Primary Caregiver for multiple family members. Toxic stress affected my endocrine system. That was over three years ago and my doctors can't seem to manage the continued changes from overactive to underactive hormones.

I too understand your frustrations with your doctor. I went undiagnosed for years and when I finally received my diagnosis all I was told was to change my diet, exercise, and we'll see you in six months. If your doctor has a P.A. or an N.P. you might want to make an appointment to see them. I've found they will make more time to address your concerns. Arrive with a list of questions and concerns, this helped me get most of my concerns addressed.

You may also want to consider guided visual and or progressive relaxation meditation. It helped me tremendously with some of the symptoms and most likely with my inflammation markers (Auto Immune Deficiency). In addition, my Fibroscan Median improved from 75 to 11.5.

Best wishes. I hope you find the answers to your questions and concerns and find some peace through this journey.

My symptoms are fatigue, brain fog and inability to concentrate. I was diagnosed this week with stage 3, severe fibrosis. Dr. told me to stop drinking.

The more I read, the more I see people meeting with doctors or nurses that really know nothing about liver care. I wish this would stop! Our caregivers need more education!

How is everything going ?

How os the liver like now?

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