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Please Help! fatty liver

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Hi, on November 2019, I had a ct scan done for a hernia. When I looked at my online medical chart it showed the hernias and also said " Mild hepatic steatosis. Right lobe liver measures 16.1 cm in length" none of my doctors have mentioned this to me I looked it up and I see fatty liver. So I contacted my primary care doctor and was told to just eat a healthy diet and that was it.I am in tears and so confused at the conflicting amount of info on fatty liver. I don't know where to start.Please help me get on the right track. Thank You

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Hi, I understand your frustration as I was told the same thing and have had to basically research it all myself. One suggestion is order cook books on Amazon. Ones that will describe the fatty liver disease itself. It has been hard to determine what you can or can't eat as one will tell you no red meat others say limit it. Then there is the trans fats/sodium/sugar intakes that are all different.

What i have done in the past month that I have tried to eat better is that I have taken red meat out/ NO sugar/ no white bread or rice/no pasta (which is the hardest for me) and I do have to say that I feel better. still having bloating and diarrhea issues at times, for the most part that has significantly declined.

I have been eating wheat breads, turkey, chicken, tuna, lots of spinach salads and veggies.

hope this helps some. Good luck!

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thank you so much.

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If they do something for your Hernia, please tell them only to give you pain meds that go through your kidneys and not through your liver. Medications that go through your liver will increase problems with the liver. As others have said, stay away from Red meat and eat healthy. As hard as it is stay away from preservatives. Liver disease progresses very slowly. Depending on your age, I think you will be fine. I'm not a dr., but please see a specialist. Many many Drs no nothing about fatty liver and what it can cause and what it goes into. find a Dr. that knows about fatty liver and Nash before it gets to the Nash.

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Hi Nana

First take a deep breath and understand that it is fair warning but not a crisis. You have more fat in your liver than is good for you but it hasn't really damaged you yet. The advice to lose weight is correct and if you do get your weight under control there is no reason to be afraid. The most effective way to reduce liver fat is to use a Mediterranean diet. Here is a link that might get you started.


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Thank you so much.

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Just remember that I am not a doctor so always check with your doctor as these are typical issues but others are possible

Dear nanaofsix try not to get too upset. I think you need to let your GP know just how your feeling right now, and ask for a consultation with a specialist consultant. At the very least they will be able to answer a good many of your questions, and give you some sound advice regarding your issues at present.

As many would agree. Not all GPs are the best for advice on this subject.

In the mean time follow the forum, try Mediterranean diets, (NO PROCESSED foods). fruit and vegetables, with oily fish, fresh chicken, turkey, lean pork medallions there really is so much choice of healthy foods to choose from, and don’t neglect your hydration intake, water essential to keep flushing any toxins, coffee, green tea if you like it . No alcohol.

Now smile 🤣, and start planning, it’s going to get easier just one step at a time. Chrissie 👌

Hi there, had the same issue with both my GP and then the specialist as well. " Just eat healthy" well I thought I was!!! Oh ja, and dont drink and your not allowed to take any meds, not even for a cold. Then ended up at endocrinologist, who advised that I keep drinking the glucophage as this helps the liver. He also advised that I start a gluten free diet. Which at first I found very difficult to do as gluten seems to be everywhere. I bought the book Dr christian metabolism reset diet, and followed that for 2 weeks which really improved my numbers. I am now seeing a dietician Tuesday who will help me to set up a plan to eat glutenfree, sugarfree (for the diabetes) and also free of all thats processed and preserved, transfatty and low salt. Seems a mouthful but apparently it is possible. If its only fatty liver, you should be able to reverse it if you follow the mediteranean diet. Ask them to also

Check your iron levels and vit d, as I was told they tend to be on low end with fatty liver. I have to take supplements for both. But most important is to not take any uneccesary meds, like tylenol and mybulen etc.

Hi, I was sick with diarrhea and bloating. I went to the doctor. My doctor did labs. My liver enzymes were highly elevated. He didn't say anything just come back in 3 weeks. Lucky my daughter is a GI nurse practitioner. She was quite blunt. "You are over weight and probably have fatty liver disease. I went home - googled it. Changed my diet the next day. I feel much better. I have lost 12 lbs without being hungry. Just google foods for fatty liver disease. No processed meats, limit or no red meats, no SUGAR, I haven't had any alcohol either. It is almost funny... I don't drink much but when I decided not to even have one drink a month, it became more important. I also stopped taking Tylenol PM at night. I feel much better! Read the labels - look for added sugars...those are the ones you need to avoid. My bloating and diarrhea have stopped in less than 3 weeks. Good Luck. It is possible to feel better. Anne

Don’t worry about the tears, they are a normal part of the fatty liver journey. You’ll have lots more before you’re finished until and unless you do the following:-

Get yourself a big notebook.

1. Go online and seek out articles on the following - fatty liver/ NAFLD/NASH/ Fibrosis/Cirrhosis in that order. Write notes that relate to you.

2. Try articles that are British based first and then widen that search, to include other countries. (I am assuming you live in the UK?)

Write notes that relate to you.

3. Go onto Health Unlocked and the two communities called British Liver Trust and this one here called Living with Fatty Liver and NASH.

Write notes that relate to you.

4. Compare what you have learned thus far with comments from Forum members. Write notes that relate to you.

Your tears will be fading now and the anger will begin to predominate and take over. I’ll let the cause of that come to you gradually.

5. You are now comfortably on the road to becoming PROACTIVE in looking after yourself because you will want to get answers, help, support and get rid of the anger.

Doing this for yourself is a vital part of coping.

6. The tears and anger will now be taken over by you having obtained the self-confidence to treat medics as equal (some good and some bad) and not Gods like some of them think they are.

Perhaps other members would care to make additional points from here on?

Hi, i have the same problem, my doctor gave me even less information. Upsetting to say the least. Heading to another doctor in April hoping to find out if it has progressed past just fatty liver. Hoping I can get someone to check my liver again before a year is up. I have been on a no carb no sugar diet for 60 days. Feeling much better. Still have side back pain but I don’t have enough information to know if it from my liver, could be, I hope not. Totally lost. Any advice is appreciated ? Best luck to you.

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I relate with everything you explained . I’ve lost 40 lbs since being diagnosed with NAFLD through diet and exercise but still have constant back and abdominal pain . It sucks to say the least :(

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Still not any better had an MRI done on May 11, yesterday. I hope they figure out something soon. I am in a lot of pain. I just started taking medicine for an ulcer, They are lost, no information coming to me at this time. Hoping to hear something soon.

I like the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program online.

Do you know if taking ibuprofen is allowed with fatty liver?

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No it's not allowed ibuprofen or tylenol. It's the worst . Talk to doctor about natural remedies

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