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Fatty liver turned to Nash and then liver fibrosis

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I was diagnosed with fatty liver in 2015 after my doctor ignored it for awhile... within a year it turned to Nash. 2017 was diagnosed with stage 2 liver fibrosis... can’t seem to lose any weight... I’ve been told stage 2 and 3 are reversible by my doctor but stage 3 is really hard to reverse.. does anyone know someone who had revered theirs?

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How are you today?

I don't know of anyone, sorry. I too have nash, with fibrosis, diagnosed November 2016. Get so much pain plus constipation and sweat profusely

I can't lose weight, either, very hard cos I have fibromyalgia plus other things. Started going swimming to see if that helps

Please take care

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Losing weight - even 10 lbs can help. there is lots of advice here regarding diet, etc. Best place to start is stop eating sugar. look up IQuitSugar. good suggestions. Quitting helped me stop cravings, overeating and to gain control. Get good quality but limited protein. Avoid anything with added iron- ALL food which say enriched are usually enriched with iron. Bread. pasta, processsed foods. keep your iron intake as low as possible because it accumulates in the liver and your blood.No fried foods period. No alcohol...not in cough syrup, uncooked uses of flavorings like vanilla extract. Eat sprouted grain bread, pasta but check label that it does not have enriched flour of any kind usually is wheat that is enriched. Walk or ride stationary bike for exercise. these are low impact and you can stop and start and needed. small amounts through the day add up and dont wear you out as much.

This is a journey. It starts now and continues through the rest of your life. Start making changes. Then make more. Good. Better. Best. You control your attitude and your actions. YOU can do this. I went from NASH to healthy liver funtion readings. But I have to stay on the path to maintain it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Bonnie

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Thanks a lot!! I’m starting a membership today at my local gym. :)

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Good for you! You are taking control.

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Good, I hope it hey. I've started swimming to see if that is any good.love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hi Bbohine,

I have recently in March 2018 diagnosed with NASH with Fibrosis 2. My Liver Biopsy score is S2A3F2. Do you have any idea how serious this is. I am 34 year old and really worried about the same. I have changed my lifestyle and eating green vegetables and walking regularly for 30 mins.

Just wanted to know when you have diagnosed and what stage that was? how much time it took to reverse the same. Need your help on this.



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I was diagnosed 3 years ago. It started with my annual check up showing elevated liver enzymes and progressed through to a biopsy to determine what was going on. I started reading up on information from different sources when I was told my enzymes were elevated. I know things were going on before this because my stomach are would get larger after eating and my BF said I looked pregnant. He asked me to get it checked as he was concerned.

I am sorry I don't know what your results mean or how serious. I am not medically trained to interpret the results but you can look it up online or ask your Dr. Then go read more online based on what he says. If you had a scan then probably there is some serious reason why it was requested so start eating more "clean" and lose some weight. Whatever you are told remember changes need to be life long at this point. Liver issues don't just go away.

I started making changes in eating and adding exercise and after one year was told it was not progressing. After 2 years, my fibroscan results showed my liver was in the "normal" range...6 out of 100. Which the Physician's Assistant said were better than most folks walking around my age! This means what I did worked - losing weight, avoiding fried food, high fat foods, using coconut, avocado, and olive oil exclusively, cooking at home using as many fresh whole foods as possible, eating sprouted grain bread, greatly reducing and almost completely eliminating sugar from my diet, avoiding any thing with added iron (has various names so be careful reading labels), avoid or sparingly use Vitamin C rich fruits esp with when eating protein, using plant based protein in place of meat when possible, avoiding tylenol and alcohol, double checking with each Dr before filling a prescription as to effects on liver. I started exercising around 30 minutes 3 times per week but more is better if you can. Drinking lots of water. I drink coffee or tea 3-4 times per day because it limits the uptake of iron from foods. Most of all have a healthy attitude - this is not a death sentence - it is a change to a healthier life sentence! This may seem like alot to take in but start making changes as you can. Remember Good, better, best. Change to a better choice then progress to best choice. It is a journey. As you get used to one change then add another. It all adds up. Exercise can be 10 mins at a time like a brisk walk. Try to do this 2 times a day then add a third or increase each walk to 15 mins.

Hi, just wondering why you say to avoid or limit Vitamin C rich fruits. I eat a couple of oranges a day after dinner for dessert and can't seem to break the habit. Never thought it would be bad for me! Also, why limit iron from food? Thanks!

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I do have same result in liver biopsy can u please tell me how serious is it.

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Hi Bbohnie. Can you please share a bit more what you eat in a typical week? And do you exercise just 30 minutes a day or more? Thank you!

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My meals are somewhat different because I often work overnight and sleep during the day. I eat either a large bowl of oatmeal with various things added in like turmeric, black pepper, spices such as cloves, cinnamon (make sure it it Indonesian ie Vietnam, Ceylon not just run of the mill cinnamon which can hurt the liver), nutmeg, all spice and sometimes fruit like 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple or 2 oz blueberries. I cook it and then add coconut, cashew or a combo of coconut and almond milk. I sometimes add PB2 which is powdered peanut butter with much less fat but it has sugar in it, almond meal, or 3-4 cashews chopped up for some protein. I don't add all these just examples of some of things I do add. OR I eat 1-2 high quality eggs like EGGLAND or 1 egg and 1 eggs worth of egg whites with 2 slices sprouted grain bread with light amount of coconut oil. I eat SIlver Hills brand bread.

A large salad with iceberg lettuce because it has the least amount of iron, carrots shredded, cabbage shredded, red, green, yellow or orange peppers (about 1/3 of one), celery, onion, cucumber, cilantro, corn, cooked sweet potatoe, beets (matchstick size pieces), and for protein I add almond meal, a boiled egg or 1/2, 3-4 walnuts, chopped up chicken, quinoa (be careful has lots of iron), cottage cheese. I use one source usually not all these at once - just giving examples. I add ground flaxseed for fiber and taste. I spinkle on ground pepper, basil, oregano, parsley, anise seeds, poppy seeds, or whatever I feel like adding for flavor. Again I don't use all these at once just listing some things for variety. Sometimes I sprinkle on some vinegar of various types. I add a tablespoon of olive or avocado oil and toss it. The oil and protein add satiety. If I don't use a protein I eat it on the side

Last meal of the day is lots of veggies with a small protein serving like 3-6 oz lean chicken, beef or lean pork but pork is rarely because it has more fat, tuna, seafood broiled or baked like salmon.

If I get hungry between meals I eat a meat bar (kind of like jerky from health food store, a partial bag of frozen mixed veggies cooked of course or fresh fruit low in sugar or half of one with a handful of nuts. Always eat protein with a fruit or carbs. I drink 3-4 cups of coffee and/or tea and drink lots of water.

This may sound boring but really it is not. There is so much variety in terms of herbs and flavoring you can add to make it interesting. AND when you get off of sugar your food just tastes so good! You get finished and don't feel the need to overeat to get satisfied! I know some folks on here don't eat fruits but I do because of the nutrition, the fiber, the moisture, and benefits like antioxidants. You just have to use a small definite quantity like 1/2 a banana. It adds sweetness without using sugar or sugar replacement. I also use stevia with monk fruit in tea and coffee only if I have to. Some things I drink without any sweetner. Also I drink a glass of water with 1-2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar per day because I like the taste.

I exercise 30 mins as I can but sometimes it is 10 mins here and there. All exercise adds up. The main thing is to do it! If you can do more than 30 mins, 3-4 times per week that is great! Don't limit yourself to that if you can challenge yourself and do more. Build up and add as you can. If you can only walk 5 min at a time, do it and then add 5 more mins after a week or so. Stretching and deep breathing are also good. Do things that don't make you hurt so bad you stop. Gentle movement that lasts longer is better than jarring movement for a short period of time. For example, walk for 30 minutes versus run for 5 minutes.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Bbohnie. Thank you for the detailed answer. I really appreciate it. I didn't realize regular cinnamon was bad for the liver. Your advice on exercise is especially helpful. Thanks again :)

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Do you have Facebook or a phone number I can text? I don’t always get on here :/

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Bonnie Arrant in Lubbock, TX on FB

I would like to know the same thing about stage 3 NASH As I was diagnosed stage 3 NASH in May 2018. I know stage 2 is reversible. I believe SOME of the fat & inflammation in the liver can be reversed in stage 3, but I’m not sure how much & I’m not sure if any of the fibrosis can be reversed at stage 3. I’m doing all that I can with eating right, avoiding sugar, starchy carbs processed foods, alcohol, sodas, exercise, losing weight in hopes that even stage 3 can be reversed.

Good luck 19Jessica82. I hope you’re successful!

I do have have fatty liver......and an m.r.i.test on the way......hugs

I have stage 3 as well, I not heard of anyone being reversed yet.

I have seemed to reverse mine from stage 2-3 to stage 0-1, with an ultrasound showing no fibrosis. However, I am told a biopsy would need to show this as accurate. My fatty liver score went from 323 to 262, which is good as well as my pK from 11.3 to 7. This was in five months. I only lost about 10 pounds as the weight is difficult to lose with exercise being a challenge (back injury). I made a lot of subtle changes, but nothing drastic; here are some of them. I immediately removed dairy, with the exception of cottage cheese. I drink black coffee every day; I removed all herbs and supplements with the exception of digestive enzymes (occasionally), folate, ALA, and PTC. I tried to incorporate vitamin E (highly recommended), but my gallbladder didn't like it. I don't eat beef and very little chicken. I intermittent fast and eat only when hungry. I removed all liquids (especially anything with bubbles) and only drink water, coffee, and sometimes green tea. I am still working on getting more sleep, so I nap when I am tired. One of the biggest changes I've made is to learn how to feel my feelings. In Chinese medicine, the liver/gallbladder channel holds anger and resentment. I have suspected my liver was in trouble since I was in my 30's (now 57). For a long time, I have been angry and resentful. I am learning to: let go of resentment and being a victim; feel the true anger (not getting mad, which is what I have always done); understand to see my oast differently, and take care of myself...none of which is easy and will take time. I sleep on my left side; I use a warm castor oil pack when I have pain (NO pain killers of any kind); I don't drink alcohol...at all; I use probiotics because I have a history of Klebsiella pneumoniae (antibiotic-resistant bacteria) which studies show may lend it's part to NAFLD/NASH. This has help constipation as well as bloating. I occasionally take a magnesium supplement for constipation and joint and muscle pain (works great) but can't take it often as thew liver has a hard time breaking it down. I have had high inflammation markers for many years and a history of gallbladder issues, so I have learned to listen to red flags after I eat something my body doesn't like. This process of healing will take time, and you will have to pay attention to this for the rest of your life. But you can reverse this and learn to love your body with everything you put in it and how you treat it...all of it! I hope some of this will help you on your journey. My best to you!

Thanks for sharing this, very informative and helpful!

I’ve made similar changes and have lost 17 lbs since Thanksgiving and after a severe diverticulitis episode at Christmas. I am S2-3, F4 on FibroScan, with possible false positive (BMI was 39) cirrhosis.

Everything I eat now is first evaluated in my head for its liver impact. I eat very little and only when hungry. I don’t like coffee but now drink 2-3 cups per day, and have started 400IU Vitamin E daily. Dairy is all lowfat, never beef, only tender proteins, no white carbs. And the hardest: less than 1tsp salt in food per day! Napping when tired is new but I just retired, so Ok. 😊 Need to add exercise. Another 10-15lbs and I’ll get another FibroScan, hopefully better numbers in March.

I never touched alcohol, but addicted to sugar. Now, Social events have me with a glass of water and an empty plate—new way of life. 👍

Wishing everyone a good day!

I’m reading stuff on this group because my mum has fatty liver and has been complaining of itching , I know that fatty liver can become fibrosis but what is Nash?

I don’t have stage 3 but take a look at my story. I think you’ll find it helpful

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