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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Clinical trial

I was recently diagnosed with NASH/mild fatty liver by a biopsy.

I was referred to and accepted into a 12 week clinical trial phase 2. I’m not sure of the name of the drug, but should get an email about it later today. What are your thoughts about clinical trials?

I would have a 25^ chance of each:


Full dose (2 pills daily)

1 large dose and 1 small

1 small placebo 1 large dose

1 large placebo , 1 small dose.

I’m really confused and nervous. I tend to want to do it, but hope I’m not being driven by desperation and getting into something dangerous.

Thanks all,

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Hi Menna

Good for you. We very much support clinical trials. It is the only way we will get therapies. I volunteer for trials when I meet the criteria. One of the best things about a trial is that you will never get better medical care. The researchers are very concerned about the details so they pay attention. Any medical event carries some amount of risk so we can't just say not to have any concern, but they work hard to minimize it because problems will ruin their study. Pioneers like you are an indispensable part of saving the lives of so many who need treatments so bravo and thank you.



Since you are recently diagnosed youve had little time to understand what is happening to you and applying it to you own body. NASH is the step of liver disease before cirrosis. Your doctor may be eager to put u on a trial drug but be sure YOU are ready for it and ask alot of questions. Best to you.


My doctor said mild fatty liver and fibrosis F0-F1. The nurse later said NASH. You’re saying I’m a step away from Cirrohsis? Six months ago I didn’t have high enzymes. I’m so confused. If it’s progressing this fast what do I have to lose?


It took about two weeks of careful consideration and looking up the results of previous stages in a clinical trial before I decided to participate in a clinical trial. I am all for clinical trials. At present, there is no medical treatment for NASH and a lot of misinformation and snake oil being pedaled for cures. These trials are very important for the approval of medications. I suggest reading up on the experimental drug and possible dangers that have been identified. During clinical trials, the health of participants is closely monitored and if a patient exhibits any negative side effects, the trial is stopped.


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