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Fatty liver now normal.

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I would like to encourage and report to my fellow fatty liver people that it can be reversed. I got the good news from my. hepatologist yesterday that my liver is now normal. That is not to say I can return to my previous bad diet, alcohol or sedentary lifestyle. I shall continue to adhere to my changed lifestyle and carry on. I think it was the quitting alcohol that was the biggest help. Being a diabetic and keeping my blood sugars low was an important factor as well. Anyway, he suggested that I still go for a fibroscan, when things open up in my area (currently on lockdown due to covid). So for anyone reading this you can reverse your fatty liver disease! Be well.

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Congratulations, I’m very happy for you.

Congratulations, your efforts paid off.

Thats really encouraging Ednoral! You should be proud of yourself. How long did it take you? Im on the same track. I've lost 10% of my body weight (although really wasn't overweight to begin with), cut out alcohol, completely eliminated sugar, etc. ramped up exercise, liver friendly foods, etc. My Fibroscan came back with a 4.61 kpa with no portal hypertension. Unfortunately, i never got a CAP score. Ultrasound only showed "diffusely echogenic" indicative of a fatty liver. So i really don't have a baseline. Figure i will get an MRI in a few months. My expectation is that my liver will return to normal as well. I'll keep marching forward for now. Congrats again.

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Hello, thank you. I've had fatty liver for about 10 yrs now. But when I was diagnosed by my family doctor with NASH back in May 2020 I decided drastic measures were necessary. I quit all alcohol, fried foods and cut down on sugar and salt. I read everything I could on liver disease and must tell you that YouTube has excellent information and lectures about liver disease. As it turned out, my family doctor's diagnosis was wrong. I did not have NASH but it was fatty liver. So, being a diabetic I asked my endocrinologist to refer me to a hepatologist as I wanted an expert opinion on my liver and how much damage was there. Being over-weight didn't help either. So, upon my liver doctor's advice I also quit the "liver supplement" that I had gotten from Amazon as a liver "helper". He told me that all those supplements and cleanses were not good and didn't help my liver. I now stay away from all that stuff. To make the story short, I have a good liver now and want to take care of it as best I can. It does a terrific job for us and we need to respect it. God bless.


That is wonderful! Congratulations.

Congratulations! Stories like yours help keep me motivated and hopeful, and couldn't we all use a little more hope these days? ❤️

Congratulations! How was your hepatologist able to determine the fatty liver is gone? what exams?

When you say you quit all liver supplements, do you take vitamin supplements? I am taking calcium, C, multi vitamin, d3, magnesium..Wondering if I should quit the vitamin supplements.

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No, just supplements designed for liver. I take Vit D and B supplements.

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Like milk thistle? But it has been used for ages...

Good Morning Ednoral. If you can share, what testing did your doctor use to determine the reversal of your fatty liver.

Hello, it was a hepatologist who told me and he didn't tell me what testing he did. All I know is I had blood work done.

Congrats. That's uplifting news. I have only just been diagnosed with fatty liver but your story gives me hope.

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