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What is the price of a Fibroscan unit ?

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Well my gastro suggested doing a Fibroscan

Rather than biopsy, first.

Problem, no units around. The nearest

Is over 200 miles away !!!

Further, after finding a couple places,

They informed me that BCBS does not

Cover it !!!!

Seems to me, maybe we need a fundraiser

If liver disease is spreading so fast,

But, several other companies have come

Out with probes and software that will

Work on their ultrasound machines

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It is a challenge. I had to go 300 miles to get my first one. The cost is set by the operator. Medicare allows $412 but the last price I saw at a hospital was $712. If you are near Houston we will do it for you for free in Texas City. We are pushing for wide spread screening even though insurance and the docs don't support it. Here is some information


Other ultrasound makers have recently begun adding the test to their machines but so far not widely available and still will have the same billing problem. We think it creates a moral hazard not to warn patients of the problem before they get symptoms.


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JD4020 in reply to nash2

Thank you for the reply. That sounds

Like a wonderful program, and I hope

Alot of people take you up on that,

But that would be a long ride !

I checked with the two of three locations

In the state that have units.

They have had problems with insurance

Company's. In light of that, they charge

$250 for self or insurance not covered.

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nash2Administrator in reply to JD4020

That is a decent price these days given the way our system is set up. Our long term goal is to offer the test on a private pay basis for $50.

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rokit88 in reply to nash2

is it too late to get one done in texas city?

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Tex12 in reply to JD4020

I had one done for $200 in Houston without insurance.

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