Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Ignored, very sick

Since my last GI told me high enzimesenlarged liver, 6 weeks after scan denial, still haven't heard back from m him GHOST, his last words you have horrible insurance! I grabbed bull by horns got all new Dr, I am starting immunotherapy In 3 days, I'm grateful for people sharing now mabe I'll start the road to feeling better and going to hepatologist next week, my God, it's a job in itself when you have shirty Doctor Apparently my immune system is shot, 6 months ER visits abdominal pain like horrid, lethargic look 9. Months pregnant uhhhh

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Hi Tracey

It is very difficult when you are ill to be your own advocate, but that is what medicine has become. Is there anyone who you trust that can help you with all the details? With liver disease it is easy to struggle with all the issues and questions.


Glad you got a new doctor. Wish i could but im in canada


. Call every single day if you can tell his staff you are coming in to get this issue fixed. Never let him you do let him off the hook It will be to your determent. I let mine off the hook and it cost me a lot.


Good job taking the bull by the horns! Next best step is conquer your nutrition to reduce inflammation and bloat and increase your energy. This is a new way of living so determine to adjust and love yourself towards a healthy body and mind.


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