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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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FL 24 yrs and learning

Hello I am 55 and was diagnosed with FL in 1994, my doctor said it with no concern as if it was not a bad thing... I have lived with this for 24 years not knowing this was something to worry about... I have in the last 6 weeks been suffering pain in my side, I thought I hurt my back... I then have been having more pain throughout the day mostly associated with my diet... I am paying attention more and now know this tight ache just under my rib cage is more than a pulled muscle. I will see my doc in a few day and have my liver panel done... I have since started a food liver detox and feel better daily... but the tight ache is still there. I have been eating two grapefruit, two avocados, two apples, garlic, turmeric mixed with Organic raw honey, and green tea with lemon three times a day.. I also eat bakes chicken and steam veggies... My old diet was a lot of carbs, sugars and fats... I am praying I did not wait to long to educate myself.

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Your story, unfortunately, is a common one. The standard answer since at least the 50's was that fatty liver was benign and no problem. We now know more but a lot of us are learning as we get older that it ain't necessarily so.

There is a lot of different opinion about what is good for liver fibrosis. We have a lot of information on the website, but here is a link to our discussion of diet


You have made a good start and I commend you for that. I'll give you a couple of reasons why I think you diet could be better, but we do all have to make our own choices.

Grapefruit juice disturbs the enzyme processes called CYP450. That system is among the most important because they are the ones that detoxify many of the hazardous things you come in contact with so you start by making your liver work harder. Not good in our opinion.

Fructose leads directly to fatty liver so it should be minimized so added sugars, like honey, are a stress for your liver. Here is some information about fructose


A lot of people believe in tumeric but so far the research doesn't really support it but it likely doesn't hurt you. Taking vitamin E would be a more important supplement to take.

There is a lot of background on the website. Here is a link to the science that we believe makes a solid case for our recommended diet.


This is a lot and please understand that you have made an excellent start by modifying what you have. We each have to find what works best for us, we try to base our approach on the research.



Does this mean we should limit fruit because of the fructose then? Im a little puzzled 🤔

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No, fruit is full of fiber and other good things but it should not be the major part of your diet. The biggest culprit is refined sugar in candies, cakes, and all types of packaged food. The Liver can handle a moderate amount of fructose but when it becomes a large part of your diet the liver is overwhelmed.

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Ok, thanks for explaining. I have been eating around 4 pieces a day, whilst trying to lose weight.


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