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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Liver enzymes mildly elevated for 6 months

So i had my liver rechecked


AST 50

ALP 114

everything else normal except protein is a few points too high. My dr said hes not going further with testing because the numbers stayed the same and he things abnormal might be my "normal" I dont know whether to trust this.

In the past I had a hyda scan, endoscopy, liver ct and liver ultrasound, along with blood work for autoimmune hep and PBC and they came back negative. these tests were done in the last 4 years as my liver enzmyes have been raising and going back down to normal for the past 6 years. My dr thinks a medicine i used to take caused the initial liver injury and when he discountinued the med they came back done. well we restarted the med and they climbed back. The he took me off and they have stayed up since discouninuing them 6 months ago. i dont know what to think.... My insurance will not cover a biopsy if its not medically neccessary.

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Were you tested for alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency? When my liver levels were up that was one of the tests. I dx with it in march of this year


I dont think I was tested for that. My liver enzymes are so close to normal range only off by like 15 points. Im not sure if this is just my normal. thank you for your response.


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