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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Diagnosed with simple fatty liver

I've always been heavy and I'm currently 31 now. I had gone recently for what I thought could be gall bladder discomfort.

I'd received blood work and had gone to do a ultrasound. All liver enzymes had been normal but I was told I had a fatty liver. I've been trying to cut down on my weight after that.

The doctor didn't seem overly concerned in worried that it may have damage beyond just the fatty liver and might be in stages of fibrosis. Do elevated enzymes usually go hand in hand with fibrosis? Should I assume I don't since the levels were all in normal ranges?

Just curious all about this situation and looking for any advice. Thanks.

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Hello Kunkman, I had elevated enzymes while taking statins. I began having pain in upper right abdomen. I had a transjuggler biosopy and was diagnosed with Cirrhosis. When I was taken off the statins my enzymes went down. I hope your Doctor catches it at fatty Liver. Good Luck.


Oh wow I see. How high had the enzymes been? Like what numbers has they been when elevated?

I feel discomfort on my right side from time to time whose feels like a muscle pain and if I rub the area it elevates it. Is your pain eleviated at all that way?

Sorry for all the questions I'm kind of a hypochondriac and always thing I have everything.

Also good luck with everything.


I also get pain on the right side by the rib

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