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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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I was diagnosed with NASH in 2010 just off of blood test and ultasound. The gastro Doc told me to lose weight. I wasnt told anything else about NASH. I have been reading and am now going to a different gastro doc that has ordered several test, and eas told the only for sure diagnosis is a liver biopsy. Looking for some input and others diagnosis and test and lifestyle changes.


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road king - i was originally Dia. High stage 3 , But that Dr. was an idiot and he was the boss .

But he left {broke my heart !! } HA HA HA

my new DR She does blood work and ultra sound and then Fibroscan -

I am now low stage 3 and that's because my excersise is non existing and i have put on weight . but the fibroscan tells the story .

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I was diagnosed with nash 5 yrs ago they did ct scan and endscoppy. I developed cirrhosis from having diabetes. I keep my diabetes under control try to get exercise every day eat right but i still developed varices in stomach and esophagus. Have to have regular ct scans and endscopy done to keep check on them. Have not had biopsy but didn't need to with endoscopy. My blood tests always come back normal even though i know i have cirrhosis. I read everything i could find about it so i would know what to expect. Was very surprised i did not know until then how serious it was. This is a very good site for info. Good luck with your tests and let us know how you're doing.


Time for the hepatologist. Hopefully one connected to a hospital where they do transplants. You may never need one and your liver may be able to heal itself but at least you.are getting the best information.


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