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Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome January 26, 2015. I had Bell's Palsy twice, once when I was a young child then again at 25 when I was pregnant . I am now 38. I had gotten shingles in my ear. It by far was the worst pain ever. I recognized the numbness starting under my nose. I left work early and went straight to the ER. I was prescibed steriods and antibotics along with some pain medication. it didn't help. I tried to get my Dr. to hook me up with a botox specialist but he sent me back to a neurologist and request for MRI. The MRI revealed that I had an aneurysm on my carotid artery about the size of my fist. This was in April just 4 months after I gotten the Ramsey Hunt . I had to get emergency surgery , they did endovascular coiling and two stents . Six months after surgery my aneurysm is gone. My Ramsey Hunt hasn't changed much. I still can't raise my eyebrow. I can do a very slight blink now, but it used to be wide open. My hearing has came back and tinnitus is gone . Now when I smile( which is still very crooked and ugly) my eye will shut. I am so self conscious. Eating and drinking are a challenge but I have learned to manage. Being that it is going on a year is it more then likely to now stay like this? Will Botox help? I am just a shell of the women I used to be.

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Yes do go for the Botox option it brought back the symmetry to my face. It is not 100% but at least it has given me my self esteem back. Best wishes and good luck



Hi. Another avenue to explore is the two step reanimation surgery which is a cross facial nerve graft followed by a muscle graft. Info is on the Facial Palsy UK Website. good luck


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