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Newbie with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and have just found this website. It's great to find a community of people going through the same as me.

It is only 8 days since I was diagnosed so early days in my recovery. I was fortunate that I was diagnosed and steroids/antiviral drugs administered pretty quickly so hopefully this has increased my chances of a full recovery. I have paralysis on the right of my face which means that I cant close my right eye or move my eyebrow or lip etc.

I identify with so many of the stories and comments on the posts and know that we will all get through this, at our own pace and in our own way. I am by nature a positive person but there are times that I worry just how much recovery I will make but I believe that positivity is a crucial part of the recovery process.

Look forward to sharing stories, ideas and thoughts with your all.


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Hi Allan. I am 18 days into Bell's palsy. I too got steroids and anti virals straightaway. Keep thinking positively. I am mostly recovered. I can close my right eye better now and my smile is almost back..Speech is not perfect but getting better and my nose twitches when I talk...I am paying for acupuntuncture this saturday. will let you know how i get on. Keep posititive, you will recover. it is a terrible illness to have. good luck Tracey (kissylips)


Hi Tracey,

Glad your recovery is going well and you are starting to get feeling and movement again. You are right that keeping positive is the main thing and will help recovery for sure.

Really interested to know how you get on with acupuncture as I would like to give it a try to help aide recovery and get movement back. Also going for MRI scan and a few more tests just as a precaution.

Take care



Hi Tracey,

How did you get on with the acupuncture? Are you getting it for pain management or to help recover facial movement?




Hi Allan

I cannot believe how beneficial the acupuncture has been. overnight I was able to blink my right eye, which I could not do prior to the acupuncture. I am having another treatment on Saturday. I had needles in my shoulder and neck to help with the pain. I havent taken any painkillers since.




That's great news Tracey. I am a real believer in alternative treatments so will look into a good acupuncturist near me and start the treatment.

Really great to hear your recovery is going well.

Take care and keep in touch




Really interested to know how it worked out in the end ?

I'm 6 weeks into RHS, 4 weeks into acupuncture.

I'm sure the needles are keeping my face in "fairly" good shape.

It's the uncertainty of recovery and no handle on timescales that's getting me.

Many thanks


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