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Hi im just looking for any advice on botox treatment

I woke 1 morning almost 20 yrs ago with bells palsy but unfortunately at 39 wks pregnant i was given no treatment. Although my condition did improve in the 1st yr the paralysis is still very noticeable. Ive read that botox treatment can help with my 'crocodile tears' and the eye winking when i laugh smile and eat. Just trying to do some research into the pros and cons if anyone can help id most appreciate it

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  • Hello, I'm not sure whether you have seen this information on our website?

    Hopefully people will respond with some personal experiences as well.

  • Hello, I've recently just had first ever Botox after 10 years of Bell's palsy. I haven't seen much improvement yet, however they said it might take a few goes until I am happy with the results. I was referred from my doctor to see a specialist and so alongside Botox I am also having facial/speech therapy. I am hopefull that the combination of both really works as this is kind of my last option! Hope this helps.


  • Have you seen any results yet??😊

  • I can't really see much difference! The only thing that i have seen less of is the dimple in my chin which they put botox in to smooth it out when i smile. I am due to go back beginning of April, so they may want to try different areas, it may take a few attempts until both myself and doctors are happy!

  • It can be hit & miss to start with .. Good luck for the future .. !!

  • Hello I seem to have been in the same situation until I was referred to a specialist unit which focuses on facial palsy sufferers. I have had Ramsey Hunt 8 years ago, an inexperienced physiotherapist discharged me saying there was nothing else could be done. After a while I decided to be proactive, I am now receiving more Botox combined with facial therapy, as the previous post I have found progress very slow, but I am hopeful and will persevere. I have invested into a small massager, it helps to reduce the tightness. Face oil massages make me feel good about my skin. I know it is a long trek but it's better to do something than to do nothing. Please don't give up hope. All the best.

  • Hello .. How are you finding the 3 combined ?! Are you noticing any difference? 😊X

  • I would recommend Botox .. Especially if you are experiencing a lot of tightness ... Over tight muscles can't work how they should if they are to tight .. In turn its gives a more over all semetrical look to the face .. Helps with unwanted movements too! 😊

  • Hi Julieeeee

    I am finding the face physiotherapist very helpful with exercises that manage to reduce the tightness in my jaw. The Botox treatment is working out well in giving my face more symmetry and I am enjoying my face massages. Maybe it's all in the mind but at least I have regained my confidence. My eye is not closing so much when I eat, so I am feeling good. How are you doing?

  • That's really good to read Chantev ...The effort is paying off then.. I was once told if  I didn't work at it it was unlikely I was going to wake up one morning to it all being the same as once before ..for long term sufferers I feel this to be true.. I've been working my face with the help of a small bit of Botox daily! The feeling of almost stretching my face out as it once was is the best gift ever ..must work hard to get rid of the tightness .. In turn the muscles will work much better !! .. 😬😬😬😬 ... X

  • Ps, Forgot to add .. In Early Feb of this year I persuaded my Dr to give me some Botox on the non affected side of my forehead .. I'm seeing some dramatic it having to make me weaker side work harder .. Can really see the lifting affect from it ! .. 😄x

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