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Introducing myself!

Hi everyone! I'd Bells Palsy around 5 years ago. Simply woke up one morning and my face felt numb down one side. Was given anti-virals and steroids to treat it, although I found the steroids had a worse effect on me than the actual palsy. I still have partial numbness on my left hand side. Never quite regained the full smile, although that means I've now got an actual 'good side' for photos! You will get through the worst of it!

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Shami I applaud your positive attitude. I suffered from RHS five years ago must admit I was devastated by the outcome of my lopsided face, but gradually have come to terms with it...You are right we should appreciate our good side...not that I had a better side before...well we will make it through the tough times. Best wishes.

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Hi Shamicuk! In your case, it may have been too long for stimulator to help, however, I do not see the harm in trying it. The Acupressure & Stimulator are real

powerful treatment for any muscle and nerve damage! Although, the time in which it is used may vary the results. 5 years is a long time to have the muscles dead. But on the other hand, what have you got to lose?? you already can't smile, so if there is any improvement with Acupressure I'd say it is worth a try???

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