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Bells Palsy conditions in recovery

I am struggling with the facial palsy at the moment with very bad headaches even on the other side to the palsy! At night my whole body tingles has anone else had this?

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Oh dear, so so sorry to hear that. I was struggling this summer and recovered 100% now thankfully. Hope you will get well soon, fingers crossed!


Just found a new best friend. BP showed up in Feb 2016 along with nerve tingles from the back of my head at night. Some tingling on the BP side of the head and face in the evening as well. I mostly feel this when I lay my head on the pillow to sleep or just before I consciously awake. I continue to convince myself that this is nerve regeneration as I see slow improvements over each month. Could it be stress..not sure but I hope it heals soon.

GP doc does not have a clue. Thinking about going back to the nerve specialist.

How and when does your tingling affect you?


The same at night lying down. Get this woosh feeling like a small electric shock. Its not unpleasant but worrying. 3 GP's all say the same - leave it a few days and see.


Checking in to see if you tingling stopped? Mine is still happening but I have pinpointed the area in the back seat f the head...I can still feel the nerve on the bells side from above the ear to the cheek, forehead and chin. It seems to feel like its swollen or has this dull pain. Almost fills like sinus pressure. Hope all is well..


Its got a lot better but every now and again I get headaches for a few days at night then nothing for weeks.

Fairly good on the whole though, how have you been feeling?


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