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My long-standing synkinesis

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Hi my name is Linh and I’m 17. I suffered from bell palsy maybe 3 times and the latest one was 5 years ago. I don’t know but I think bell palsy is gone now but its effects are still obvious on my face, and if I was not wrong, it’s called synkinesis. I just want to ask if synkinesis will go away and my face will be as normal as it was when I was not a bell palsy patient?

Thanks guys

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Hi Linh. I had BP 18 months ago and I still have sykenensis. My eye closes when I chew and when blowing cheeks out. As my GP is one who isn't interested I have tried doing things myself. Have tried acupuncture - try finding one that has experience of treating BP. My first was OK but a bit of the wall! The one I use now explains all that she is doing. It seems to help for a while. One thing she has taught me is to keep that side of your face warm - don't let the wind and cold get to it(wind is a big thing in chinese medicine). I feel a lot better in warm weather. I also massage my face when sitting watching tv. I also had a couple of sessions with a kinesiologist - felt better for a while (don't know how this works!). It all costs money though (£50 session). I keep hoping things will get better. My advice is try different things and try to stay positive.

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Thank you for your advice. I’m thinking of trying out botox as well as massage. Hope that will work for me

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I have synkensis, recently developed after 8 month onset of BP. I am fortunate to get help from the NHS via a specialist unit. I am under Bell’s palsy physio, who have given me exercises to try and improve the synkensis. It’s about relaxing parts of the face which are overactive, whilst retraining other muscles/ nerves. At least this is my impression from my recent consultation. If you can be referred into a special unit, I would recommend it. I have also been advised that if needed , Botox will be an option too. At this stage hoping to be able to improve it via exercise. My referral was recommended to my GP via the eye hospital, where I have been receiving care since the BP caused eye complications.( a few days into it).

Prior to the referral, when I was getting very fed up about the face pain/ palsy, I considered cranial osteopathy, but soon changed my mind when I saw the cost and also my concern that there may be no improvement .

Hope you find good support

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So will synkinesis go away? I’m pretty curious about this

Hi. It sounds as if you need some specialist help. If you would like to e-mail we can give you some advice.

I have read.... that the younger a person is.... and you are, that there is a possibility you will regain your face back to normal. Check to see if your Vitamin B is level is normal... it is suppose to help!

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