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Volunteers wanted for Short Film on Facial Palsy

Hello all, I'm a Bell Palsy sufferer who is currently working on a short film project as part of my undergraduate degree work at Uni. It is my hope that this short film helps to raise awareness for the condition.

Unfortunately, one of my facial palsy volunteer have pulled out last minute from the project, and I now have a space to fill for the film. So, I thought I'll make an appeal here to ask for anyone (preferably something aside from Bell Palsy, and who's near the Yorkshire region) who may be interested to be featured to contact me. No travelling is involved and it'll only take under an hour of your time :)

Here's a link to more details: facialpalsy.org.uk/about-fa...

My e-mail: cjloh1@sheffield.ac.uk

Thank you! xx

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helo there i would like to take park if possible

i also suffer from cleft lip and facial palsy can you send me a text on when i can join?


Hi Jounojun,

I am on my 7th day of BP. I have kept a video diary, if my support in any way could be helpful please get in touch. Please do share your findings. As I'm sure we would all love to understand and know more.

(London based.)



I got BP for the second time in Feb of this year and have received little if no support from my Dr, basically go away there is nothing can be done it will sort itself out, they don't understand how it effects me emotionally , not wanting to meet ppl not wanting to interact with ppl , how i feel ppl are starring at me when they probably are not.


Hi there , how awful for you !!! its bad enough having it once never mind twice!!!! I agree GP,s don't do anything in the way of support , I have totally found that out, I have be to four different ones now and I realise its these support groups that have helped me more. I am on week six with a grade 6 palsy so no movement at all. I have only recently started to go out as I too have suffered with embarrassment of what people will think. We all have to not let this horrid illness take away who we are as people and carry on living. I live in hope I will be able to smile again one day but have resigned myself to the fact its going to be a long haul. Because of that I don't want to put my life on hold for however long it takes and neither should you. Get out there and be who you are and stuff the people who stare !! I don't mind if you want to have a rant about it to me I really understand what youre going through and its hard to be brave when you are so crushed inside, big hugs to you x Lesley


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