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Synkinesis due to RHS

Hi, I got RHS nearly 3 years ago. I used to be a level 6 palsy but after 2 yrs of acupuncture it is definitely better. However I nowadays suffer from Synkinesis: my right eye is smaller and twitches and the right corner of my mouth doesnt lift up. For instance when I smile only two theets are visible. I tried physiotherapist, electro- stimulation and excersises with no results. I guess now I am getting a bit depressed because my situation is stationary since one year and I can no longer improve. What treatments do you suggest? Is there any surgery I can undergo? Thank you in advance for your support.

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I'm sorry you are still having problems. Have you tried Botox to dampen down the synkinesis?


I havent tried it yet but for what I understand and doctors advise, botox wont solve the mouth issue. It could ease the eye's situation only. Is there a surgery specialist you could reccomend?

Thank you



Have a look at our page here: facialpalsy.org.uk/advice/m... You can see some before and after pictures on the right. We can't recommend specialists but if you email info@facialpalsy.org.uk then they should be able to point you in the direction of specialist centres which are closest to you. They won't be able to recommend though.


Thank you. I sent an e mail to the address provided.


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