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I wanted to ask about Treatments regarding synkinesis and Eye movements


So, I contracted Bell's Palsy 10 years ago and, after a period, settled into the movements patterns that I have today. I've read they are somewhat typical of those that have synkinesis i.e. asymetrical smile, eye squinting with movement of the mouth, eye welling/crying when eating and facial twitches. I've seen a doctor about botox for my eyelids to try and train them not to move so much when I move other parts of my face, he said though that it was very easy to get the wrong dosage, either it could not be enough botox and have no effect, or too much botox and leave me unable to blink again.

I was wondering if there were any other treatments that could restore some control over movement, improve symmetry or even calm down twitching?


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Have you seen a facial therapist? Specialist physiotherapy can really help with synkinesis.


You can find more information about synkinesis and treatement options at: facialparalysisinstitute.co...

The best course of treatment is physical therapy and/or Botox injections to better coordinate facial movement, improve facial symmetry, and reduce functional tightness. If you’ve tried these methods without success, surgery may be a possibility. Selective neurolysis and gracilis flaps/cross facial nerve grafts are the most advanced procedure options. You can learn more about them here: facialparalysisinstitute.co...

I am amazed that you have not tried the Neoro 4 Trophic Electrical Stimulator which can be used for facial stimulation for patients with synkinesis following a facial palsy. Three years ago I had Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, a fairly rare condition caused by shingles. Thjis left me with severe facial palsy, and after two years synkinesis and spasm. I have used the stimulator for a year, and continue to improve.

Did you get any answer or advices ? Brcause i have the same problem and i do not know how to manage it

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