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Hello I need help..

4 months of facing bell's palsy when I stared to recover from it , I realized now I'm facing synkinesis. Now I'm on 6th month and I also told my doctor that I'm facing synkinesis but she told me only to continue vitamin b till u recover fully.

Can u plz help by suggesting something or by suggesting exercises or kind of advise it will be very helpful for me .I'm not feeling good 1st bell's palsy and now synkinesis..

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Hi there I also have synkinesis.....i see a regular Physio for face exercise...and have BOTOX every 4mths for my eye closing it works but then comes back with avengence once the BOTOX runs out I feel it will always be this way....i don't know where you live but I have an excellent consultant one of the best in the country for bells.

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Thanx for replying :)

How many times Botox injections treatment works. And after stopping Botox is all movements becoming normal..?

Take a look at this page on Facial Palsy UK's site --

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Does those exercises work for synkinesis????

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According to the site the exercises help with the tightness caused by synkinesis. I don't think they correct the synkinesis itself. But can only help.

Hi. I have Synkinesis round my left eye. I have been having Botox injections every three months for a number of years now. I did have a break from them and took Gabapentin capsules but had to keep upping the dose. I am back with the Botox and am very happy with the result. I also have Botox in the right hand side of my face to “even it up”. This I pay for approximately £200 every 4 months.

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Thanx for replying...

How many years u took Botox, and is all movements are normal now?

So sorry to hear you are having a tough time with bells, please don’t give up, persevere. Get your doctor to refer you to a Bell’s palsy special unit, it’s at the John Radcliffe’s hospital or a neurological unit in Oxford. You can also be referred for facial rehabilitation . Please don’t be fobbed off,there is help available. Facial palsy uk site has been a tremendous help, get in touch with them through the link.

Have been coping with my synkinesis. I know exactly what you are going through and would have been grateful for any help suggested. Mine came a bit late I do hope you don’t delay any treatment that would improve your lifestyle

Best wishes


Hi , I have synkensis ( 11 months post onset). I see a Bell’s palsy specialist unit. The exercises they have given me, which are bespoke to my symptons, I was initially quite dismissive of. Now after 2 months of doing them every day, I can see results. It is great to see some improvement, however small. The facial palsy website has loads of advice / contacts too.

Massage and stretching can be very therapeutic. Hope you get some help. If you’re under NHS, be warned, my gp was not keen to refer me until I had got to 6 month stage , with limited improvement. Exercises not recommended in the early phase of recovery,as it can impair nerve repair.

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Can u plz tell me those exercises which you are doing for your synkinesis . It would be really helpful.

How are you doing? I'm only facing my 5th month but I think I developed synkinesis as well. I still have no movement on the lips, nose and forehead so it's frustrating to see that I developed synkinesis with some of my face not recovered as well. Have you had all the movement back?

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I have all my movement back but now I have synkinesis problem. it's not very much noticeable but I don't like it.

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I’m going on my 10th yr. and still have paralysis on the left side of my face. Did they tell you the feeling might come back for you ?

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After 6 month with no feelings I went to doctor """she told me that it might not come back or it will come back now we don't know because many person recovered from 2 to 3 month means like they got little bit movement on bell's palsy side""" when I heard this I become very sad but I never lost hope and when I came back home I got little movement I felt very happy that I got little bit of movement on my cheek and then I started recovering from it slowly slowly but fast :D it was a very hard time but never lost the hope .now I'm facing synkinesis .the condition of my synkinesis is not that bad ,but Its not that much good also but I'm hoping for best (in sha Allah)

I will become good. Don't lose your hope.

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