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Facial plasy and synkinesis


Could you please advice mr how can i get rid of synkinesis , when i am eatting or talking my right eye is closing, i have got this synkinesis because of bells palsy disease that i contracted one year ago

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Hi Chariten

I have read this article of retraining: bellspalsy.ws/facial-retrai...

Hope it works for you!

Chariten in reply to nkrina

Thank you so much. God be with us!

Ask your GP or doctor to refer you to a speech and language therapist or physiotherapist who has specialist knowledge of facial rehabilitation. See this link for more details facialpalsy.org.uk/support/...

Chariten in reply to lorraine-t

Thank you very much, in romania, where i am from , the neurologist told me i have to get use with synkinesis and to take xanax , nothing can be done

I know it must be hard to be told that there is nothing to be done and you feel so powerless. I have been in similar situation as you but I did not want to give up when I was told that I had to put up with it. If you can get Botox injections it will help with the synkinesis. I have bad synkinesis and it is being managed both by facial therapy and Botox injections around my eyes to my cheeks and jaw to restore some sort of symmetry to my face. It is worth making some investigation for the facial therapy on line. Facial therapy UK has a very good website. If you can find a good cosmetic surgeon who knows what he is doing when dealing with Bell's palsy, no surgery involved just the Botox injections. Hope this helps, all the best.

Chariten in reply to Chantev

Thankyou so much and i am really sorry to hear that you are facing the same issue and i will try to do the botox injection and see what feedback i will have . Thank you so much again for your advice is means a lot.

Can you have Botox for eye to mouth movement - when l blink my mouth twitches ,l am currently doing retraining but if Botox works l would have it

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