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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative therapies for facial paralysis? I am using steriod and antiviral drugs prescribed by my consultant but want to do everything I can to aide recovery so want to hear about any complimentary treatments.

I have previously had good experience with homeopathy so would gene great to hear from anyone that has used this type of approach or any natural remedies that may help. I have been told that vitamin supplements (B12) can be helpful so has anyone tried that?



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Hi Alan I have facial palsy due to having tumour removed, I do the usual facial exercise but I've found what Has helped me the most is Botox I have every 3-4 months at the hospital


Hi Alan

So sorry to hear what you are going through, I too have facial paralysis, due to RHS. I have found facial massage helped a lot, I bought a little gadget massager from homedics. I have had acupuncture in my face but make sure you get a reputable one. It's a long haul but keep persevering. Botox did help to regain some symmetry in my face. If you are offered please go for it. Get referred to a facial therapist who knows about facial palsy.

Best wishes



Thanks for the feedback. I am hoping that my face will return to as close as normal without need for Botox etc as consultant thinks the paralysis is a stage 2 (on a level of 1-6 where one is normal movement). Can I ask do you have total paralysis i.e. no feeling in the effected areas or do you still have a sense of touch?

Today has not been a great day as now have an infection in my glands on top of everything so the vertigo has rendered me bedridden today. Just trying stay positive and get some perspective on how my condition relates to others who have it.

Thanks for your help and support and hope our recovery is speedy and full

Allan x


Hi Allan

Originally there was total paralysis (6years ago). To date my palate on my Leften side, the affected part, is still numb. There is some feeling back in my cheek it feels heat and specially cold. My face has regained about 65%, but not quite fully recovered. I was told it would take time, but no one mentioned a life time...

I wish you a speedy recovery.


Hi Allan,

I have had Bell's Palsy for 2 weeks. Finished a 10 day course of steroids and a 7 day course of antivirals. I am not totally paralysed, most people dont notice. My speech has been affected and my nose twitches to the side. I have made progress in the first 2 weeks. My right eyelid is closing more, if I slow down my blink. My smile doesn't seem as lop-sided.

I am starting acupuncture. I managed to find a therapist who specialises in it and has a good success rate. it is £38 a session but hoping it will be money well spent.

Keep your face warm and wear a hat when outdoors. My Doctor suggests blowing my right cheek out. At first I was blowing raspberries, but now its a lot stronger. Try to be positive

Good luck with your recovery

Tracey (kissylips)


Hi Tracey,

Thanks for your response. My Ramsay Hunt sounds pretty similar to your Bells.

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago as well and have just finished antiviral tablets and still taking steroids. I don't have total paralysis of my face as still have full touch sensation. My right eye wasn't closing at all but now closes more or less if I close/blink it slowly but still sleeping with it taped shut.

My speech is effected also but have noticed that it is not as bad as it first was (have noticed the exact same thing with blowing raspberries :-) Still no movement on the right side of my forehead and lip movement is still really limited but it's early days.

Had a bit if a setback this week when I got swollen glands on the right side of my face (the effected side) so it is pretty swollen looking and has meant I have had to start taking antibiotics and complete rest for a few days (something I am not great at). Sure it's all down to the effort my body is going through at the moment and will clear up soon.

I've been looking at alternative treatments and foods to help me immune system fight things off. I think I will give homeopathy a try and like the sound of acupuncture so will look into that as well.

Early days for both so us and I a sure we will make a full recovery. You stay positive too and keep in touch with your progress.

Take care



Hi Allan,

wondered how your recovery is going. I had 2 sessions of accupuncture and was cured..it took 4 weeks to get back to normal...deffo recommend accupuncture.




Hi Tracey,

Wow, that is amazing and really happy you have made a great recovery.

My recovery is going well thanks. The paralysis has been downgraded from a Grade 4 to a Grade 3 as I now have some limited movement in the eye/forehead and almost full closer on my eye (still can't blink though). my hearing has recovered a lot and the vertigo is almost gone.

I have an MRI scan next week and am seeing a specialist consultant to see what else I can do to aide recovery. I have been having Bowen Therapy sessions recently and find they really help. My face feels more relaxed after the sessions and friends have been saying how much better my face looks. I'll keep these sessions going and really want to try acupuncture as well so your news has given me a real boost to get the sessions booked in.

Did I the acupuncture help with facial movement?

Really happy to hear you have made a great recovery



Hi Allan, glad to hear you are making steady progress...my therapist said that the accupuncture helps to repair the nerve so it is less likely that Bell's palsy will return. I only had 2 sessions. He recommended 4. Good luck regards Tracey


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