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So impressed and relieved we have finally got somewhere with a poo !!

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After 2 years on movicol and it having no effect, apart from stains in knickers every day. Not 1 single solid poo in 2 years, we were at our wits end to help her. We did a bit of research and have found that 1 sachet of nutrigen inulin and a 5ml of lactulose for the last month, have now produced frequent solid poos, little one is much happier and we have no accidents at school. We sit her on the potty every morning and night for 15 minutes and she will poo although she says she doesn't need one, which is due to her losing the ability to feel the sensation and push because she hasnt had to with movicol.

So happy I would much prefer to buy this and have a brilliant end result for her.

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How 6yrs on and we are not seeing any progress with movlicoil.

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Likewise: my 5yo is on movicol for 2 years now and although it keeps things moving, he has no sensation of when a poo is coming and has frequent accidents. We do regular toilet sits and he will usually push when prompted but never takes the initiative.None of the things we've tried over the years (sticker charts, rewards, changing dosage, squatting position) seem to have resolved anything. He's started school this year and even though he gets some help changing, I can't help but think 'how is this ever going to end?'.

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Exactly this is how we feel.frustrating .

How did you make the transition from Movicol? Did you stop before changing to Lactulose, or reduce gradually before switching?I'm considering giving this a try but dread causing another constipation episode and having to disimpact during school term time...

We just slowly started to take her off it, and introduced the fibre sachet and lactulouse daily. Then just stopped the movicol, she didn't have a poo for a week but we rubbed her belly sat her on the potty and it has worked from there, she doesn't poo daily but at least 4 times a week. We put her on the potty every morning and night and she is finally getting the hang of it, so much better for her.

Really great that you found a routine that works for you. I'm going to give it a try: any tips greatfully received. Tia

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