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Movicol use


Hello, I recently. Posted about starting toilet training but I think we still have an issue with impacted poo.

My son started on movicol last May after becoming very constipated and doctor feeling tummy. We never got clear direction on how to use movicol from GP apart from its trial an error. We thought it was only a temporary measure and after 10 months weaned him off it completely. He's not had any now for nearly 3 months but has poo in his nappy at every change. It is sticky and gritty. Always smells really bad (I know poo stinks but still!) As another poster pointed out this could be a sign he is still impacted. I've not heard term maintenance dose before and feel at a loss! Should we go for another impaction and then take his dose down again? He is 3 soon I want to get us all in a good place to manage his bowel! Feel like going round in circles as GP doesn't give much more advice apart from you will know what will work for you 🤷‍♂️

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I pretty much got most of my information on disimpaction from the ERIC website (as GPS don’t have a clue!) they map out clearly what you have to do and the stages of poo you should look out for.

Once you’ve got to the really watery stage (tea with bits in) stay there for 3 days and then reduce slowly. You’ll probably find a maintenance dose of between 1-3 sachets will help him start to get back to normal but you may have to stay there for a while.

If you get stuck - we’ve all been through it before (more than once) so feel free to ask! You’ll not alone!

P.s have a read of this as well -

Pretty much clarified everything for me this article!

Elibar in reply to Bambie83

Thank you this is so useful. Yes best info I can find us on ERIC website. So pleased I found it!

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