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Day 4 disimpacting, 6 sachets of Movicol for a (just turned) 5 year old. Very sludgy, dark smelly poo, is this where we should be by now?

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Keep going! You need to get to a more watery poo, that is a lighter rusty colour. This is the old poo coming out so it’s working - just keep going x

DJC1102 in reply to Helen36

Thank you Helen!

Keep going, you need it to be like water.

I hope it all goes well. Try watch the videos as it explains now about it.

My son who is the same age has had this since a baby but they didn't think of it til he was 3 years old. Nothing worked for 2 years before that we was just told orange juice or figs. We have been doing this again for 30+ days but Once we got to watery stage 8 sachets he cleared out and we moved to 6 sachets for 2days, he was still runny then we did 4 sachets for 2days still runny then we did 2 sachets and maintained it for 10days we noticed he started to know he wanted to go with out is say toilet time. We was doing type 5 poos so we decided to reduce to 1 1/2 sachets and add a bit of fibre and more fruit, vegetables and drink 🤞🏼 he might get to type 4 poo and listens to his body still. He has done amazing, his stomach isn't blotted like a football. 🤞🏼 We have found a great routine. I hope everything goes well. I'm here if you want someone to chat too I feels horrible feeling hopeless for them as it's been goes on so long.

Thank you Bluemountain! I am going to try and get up to 8 sachets today😊

Its reassuring to hear we will get there in the end, well done!

I hope everything is going well since we have last messaged. Did you find the videos they would be helpful.

You will get there in the end, we felt like this for years it only since we started his group and watch the video it explains better than the doctors and you can see what you need to do.

We have got to day 7 doing full would type 4 poos he has got into a routine of going before bed or if he gets a feeling. From what he was like to being here and understanding it better he is doing amazing. He loves his poo whistle I know we till have to see if he is like it for 6 months but I'm hoping it we get there.

We seemed to get to very, very runny but no rusty tea.

We have reduced to 2 per day, still seems very loose.

If no improvement will push Drs for a scan.

Glad to hear you have cracked it!

Oh no that's a shame that you are still having runny poo. Hopefully it will start to change into a different type.

I'm here if you want to chat. X

Thank you😊

Up to 8 sachets and stick for 3 days dark poo is old poo u need to see cup of tea fluid for 3 days before slowly reducing. My lg 4 she on 8 a day for a week now as still no cup of tea and very smell she has cc.

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