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Holding in poo's, does it in overnight nappy


Hi There

We have a 4.2 yr old DS who is still not totally toilet trained but getting there, he has now started to withhold his poo's during the day. At night we use pocket type cloth nappies on him due to him been a heavy wetter, come morning we are finding a large amount of poo in his nappy, { TMI sorry } it looks as he is passing normal poo's but as he is awake before us sitting playing in his room for a while its well squished in the nappy and hard to tell if it is normal or not.

Looks to us that he is more comfortable pushing his poo out during the night in his nappy, should we just let him continue ? hoping he will grow out of it or take more drastic action. He seems otherwise happy with himself.

Any advice would be helpfull thank you.

Leigh x

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Dose he poop every night? If not he may be constipated or even impacted.

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Hi Brook

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, since he started to withhold he always has had a poo nappy most mornings so fortunately I don't think he is constipated, a couple of days ago I went to get him for breakfast and he had just woken up as I entered his room, he had not had the opportunity to sit and play as he normally does so it wasn't squished in etc, it looked very normal ( adult like poo ) and plenty of it in the nappy, so quite happy with that.

But Just a little concerned how long we continue to let him do it in his overnight nappy ?


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I would him do it as that is way better than withholding or being constipated.

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Thanks Brook

We have decided to let him carry on doing it for now, just have to double up on the nappy liners. :-) x

It's better he does it than witholds it so I would leave well alone and let him continue doing it in his nappy


Thank you for your reply.

I believe your are right on with your comment to just leave him to it right now as he is comfortable with it and fortunately is not bothered by the poo in the nappy after going.

He sleeps right through the night if undisturbed and wears an all in one zip up the back sleep suit, so if we wake him to try and change him during early morning as in the passed when younger, he won't go back to sleep, just thought I would mention that.

Im just wondering how long this overnight poo thing will continue.


It would depend for me on whether the night nappy is primarily because he wets or is it there just for the night poo?

If it is primarily for wetting then I would say leave it untill he doesn't need it for wetting and then try to resolve the poo issue.

He has always ben a heavy wetter for long as I can remember so yes it is primarily used for that purpose, but now for both.

I don't see him becoming dry overnight for a long time so thinking the overnight poo thing will continue as well.

Toilet training him has been a real struggle and now we have this withholding issue, so we might look at backing off and put him back in his pocket nappies so at least he hopfully will do his poo when needed and not wait till his night nappy, DH says that would be confusing for him and a step back so a bit unsure.

Will see how the next few weeks pan out but if it continues we will have to rethink on what the next move is.

Thank you for your kind advice xx

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