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10 year old wetting the bed again... pull ups?


So my 10 year old son was dry around 8 and was now only having the odd nighttime accident (3-4 times a year). He has daytime accidents but his bedwetting was more or less sorted.

For the last week he has had an accident ever single night. His sheets are drenched in thr morning and it has been difficult to get him ready for school. He is upset by this and is clearly tiered. If it contnues I will obviously see his gp but in the meantime I'm not sure whether to get him pull ups?

He wore nappies before and was fine with them, but he had always been in them. Now I feel like he might get embarrassed at even the suggestion of pull ups. His brother is 7 and still wears a nappy at night and I don't want him to think he has taken a step back.

I have got some 8-15 drynites and want him to wear one tonight but don't know how best to ask him. I might point out that they are "pull ups" and not like his brother's pampers but I think he will just see them as nappies. Any advice would be welcome?

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I would suggest that you talk to him about it and get him involved. Wearing protection or not does not change the fact that he is wetting the bed. Help him understand that there may be a reason why this is happening and that you will work with him to figure that out. Empowerment goes a long way in helping kids deal with this. I would also trust that mother's instinct and think if there is anything that has changed that may be causing stress. Are there problems in the home? Perhaps difficult times between you and your spouse? Is he being bullied, maybe at school? The fact that he has started wetting again and has occasional daytime accidents suggests that there may be something medical going on. Could he have sleep disorder? Could it be some accident that has happened that has caused an injury in the lower spine? Also, if the accidents are getting more frequent, the school may insist on him wearing protection during the day while at school.

I know I've thrown a lot at you to think about, and it seem really scary, but I'm just putting out some ideas for what could be causing the problem. A couple of the things that can be done to empower him is letting him make the decision as to whether or not to wear protection, and help put things into perspective that this is not a failure. The other thing is to enable him to put on his own protection and deal with things in the morning. Disposing of the protection, cleaning up, etc..

Just have an open and honest conversation with him and engage what he is feeling. You could perhaps say to him look it may help you get a tidy night sleep and stop you waking up being distressed. The other thing I would say it is at home and no one in the family will.mention it outside of home. My son is younger but my son hated the idea of other people knowing because he was embarrassed but I do feel It took the pressure of him.

Could he be constipated? I’ve been told that when the bowel pushes on the bladder they can’t empty it properly before bed it can also leak without him knowing it? Just worth a look I guess to rule it out

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