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Kidney stones and vitals meningitis, possible links to future health


I am 31 years old up until 28 I had never had health issues until I got a kidney stone,it ended up getting stuck and had to have stent put in for a couple of months,the pain this caused was out of this world and was admitted to hospital at least once a week for around 6 months and just kept on getting put on more and more pain relief in the end was on 100ml oramporh a day 3 diclofenac 100mg suppositories and nefopam (can’t remember the dose) after all of this I then experienced constant pain from right abdomen where the stone and stent was,so had to continue on meds not quite as severe thou about half of what I was on,then ended up spending nearly 3 weeks in hospital unable to hold food or fluids down which later on was found to be h pylori,didn’t have too many serious complications for around a year apart from pain was still on same meds,then had another kidney stone this time on my left side but thankfully passed quite quick,then a few months after that I had viral meningitis which hit me a lot harder than it would most people a week in hospital with 2 days of a body temp over 40 and completely out of it,since they have had serious health complications constantly getting struck down with colds etc and have complete visual memory loss of my past,and just last couple of weeks I got a kidney infection again knocked me for 6, I know there’s a lot to read and maybe not explained the best but was just wondering if by some miracle someone has similar experiences, as I think all the illnesses have caused my immune system to be absolutely weak,my current meds are 10mcgh patch buprenorphine,5mg oxycododne prn ,tamsulosin,50mg diclofenac prn,ranitidine,cosmocol,cyclizine think that’s it lol, I’ve had so many scans and blood tests just last week had Samples sent off for immunology hopefully they show something,but it seems there isn’t anyone who seems prepared to look through my notes and try and work out what’s going on,someone my age shouldn’t have to deal with this and does anyone know any medical students who would like to do a case study or something???

Sorry for the essay

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