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Vesicare thoughts?

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My 10 yo daughter has suffered constipation and day/ night wetting forever . She also has adhd &anxiety. Seeing consultant for review on Friday. Following use of oxybutynin which turned her into a monster and constipated then tolterodine which didn’t work and had side effects she’s been wearing pull-ups for 2 years whilst we focus on constipation . I want to try something else for her bladder as her self esteem battered. Has anyone had success with vesicare / solofenacin and were side effects tolerable? If anyone has any other thoughts I should discuss I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Hi, my 10 yr old son is on Trospium Chloride. Took probably 3-4 weeks to work and getbin his system, but works well now. He only has the odd wet night now, generally we can go a good couple of weeks being dry or just a bit of dampness in his pj bottoms. He was on Oxybutinin, but after doing some research on this and it’s link to dementia in the older generation I wanted him off it. I know there hasn’t been any research for young children, but seeing it’s link to older people was good enough for me to demand his medication was changed, as his grandad has dementia.

Apparently according to the nurse at the hospital, the way it was explained to me is that Trospium Chloride bypasses the brain unlike Oxybutinin. I have asked before on different forums but not found anyone that’s uses Trospium Chloride. For my son it’s definitely something that is working. He is also under the hospital for biofeedback training. He has had one session and we have two more left. They hospital will then stop the medication to see if it’s been successful. Fingers crossed!

Hi there. I’m sorry I haven’t replied until now as I see you were due an appointment Friday so maybe this is too late?

My 9.5 year old son with overactive bladder/daytime wetting (used have constipation as well) is currently on 10mg Vesicare per day

He turned into Incredibel hulk on Oxy and Tolterodine didn’t do anything! I found out two years ago from the Pharmacist, when he started Vesicare, that it’s last on the list of options as it’s the most expensive!

Anyway he doesn’t have side effects but obviously everychild reacts differently! He started on 5mg for a year and increased to double that. He’s been on differ t types of bladder medication for over 4 years now and is in the middle of PTNS Treatment which potentially is making a difference !

When we saw a paediatric urology consultant he said for us to get constipation sorted first (his came over two years ago so that could’ve been Tolterodine?) and then deal with bladder

It’s all a slow process but keep asking the Qs about alternative options but also if they give you a medication like Vesicare to try then give it at least 3months to show any changes!(unless there are the side effects she’s experienced before!)

I’m sure you’ve heard this all before but thought it’d be good to share a positive story about Vesicare as not many kids seem to be on it or are and just not on this forum :0)

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