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Overflow soiling


Ok so we been battling to find a maintenance dose for over a year now. I'm convinced one doesn't exist. Even one sachet of movicol causes looseness but if we stop or go to half she's backed up again!

So at the moment we are just using senna and movicol every other day or so. But we can't establish any sort of pattern.

She doesn't get watery overflow as described everywhere. She does get the hard rabbit droppings which I know is constipation but what is the mushy stuff all about?? Is that overflow too or an actual bowel movement. It happens about once a day and is just mush... sometimes quite a lot which doesn't correspond to all the articles I've read saying it's overflow??

When she does pass a good number 4 she can go to loo and self initiate what goes in her pants is looser but not watery loose....

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I know from my daughters experience over six years that this is so tricky. You can make up one sachet of movicol and just take a teaspoon out at a time until you get to a better amount. I find that the senokot causes the mushy poo, like a bowl of porridge dropping into their knickers and catching them completely unawares!! Maybe try reducing that a little at a time. We went to a consultant in April who said to give her four sachets of movicol and two spoonfuls of senokot. That quickly became too much so now she has two sachets of movicol before school and one and a half/two senokot before bed. That is working quite well for her at the moment but obviously we are all different. Good luck x

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