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How can you distinguish overflow?


Hi. My daughter is 4.5 years old. She has been suffering from constipation since she was a baby. We are under a nurse and a consultant. However it is quite difficult to get appointments or advice. My daughter is on 2 sachets of movicol a day and 7.5 senna a day. Her stomach is swollen and she has not had a normal poo for years. My question is how do you tell the difference between overflow and just normal diahorrea? She was diss impacted in February and March. She also has a lot of wind when she tries for a poo. Any help please?

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Hi. My daughter has had the same since she was a baby. We're under a consultant too and have been referred now for further investigation.

We have found it difficult to distinguish between the 2 .... when I asked the doctor, if it's overflow it'll have a more thick sticky consistency. However, I appreciate it's very difficult to compare. Is it daily you give her the sachets.... maybe give her a day off and see if it calms down? In had to take my daughter off movicol as she was allergic to it. But extreme as she would have a temp of 40 within an hour. So don't let that alarm you xx xx

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Yes this is sticky as it never flushes! There is quite a lot tho which I don’t is a good thing or not. I have asked time and again why she has constant diahorrea but I’ve not had any response. We have stopped dairy but no change. It’s really frustrating not to have any answers x

Bunn2018 in reply to Ljr2199

It's very very frustrating. We have been going back and for for 5 years. She is getting better. So hang on in there xx xx keep in touch xxx

Hi, I think it smells worse when it's overflow. It's darker too.

With over flow it does tend to smell not very nice in comparison to normal diarrhoea.

The poo nurse video on YouTube is really useful to help you understand what is going on with your little one and explains overflow.

Hi overflow is darker in colour and smells .if he or she has a overstretched bowel it will be lots of poo as it takes time for bowel to strink back to normal size. So u will get .smears of poo too.

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